Putin congratulated municipal employees with a Day of local government

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated heads, deputies and employees of municipalities with the local government Day. The telegram published Tuesday on the Kremlin website.

"In our country the institution of local government has a rich history and wonderful traditions. The zemstva and organs of urban self-government have played a huge role in the development of national education, of education, of health. And most importantly, they were able to engage in solving local problems of representatives of different classes and ages", – said Putin.

According to the President, bodies of local self-government in Russia has a crucial mission.

"Because of their efficient operation will largely depend on positive developments in the regeneration of our towns and villages, improvement of social infrastructure and utilities. And of course, today’s citizens expect from all levels of government competent, informed decisions aimed at stabilizing the economy and social sphere, health protection and ensuring a decent quality of life", – said the head of state.

The local government day is celebrated in accordance with presidential decree of June 10, 2012. Empress Catherine II on 21 April 1785, (old style) issued a Charter on the rights and benefits to cities of the Russian Empire (Charter of the cities 1785) – a document that laid the Foundation for the development of the Russian legislation on local self-government.