The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the 75th anniversary of the composer, the honored worker of arts of Russia Alexander Zhurbin. The telegram published on Friday on the Kremlin website.

"You created remarkable works, has shown that Your talent for composition and impeccable artistic taste. You manage brilliantly to work in a variety of musical genres, styles and directions, to delight the audience finds interesting creative", – said in the telegram.

About composer

Alexander Zhurbin is the author of music to over 200 songs. Performed by Joseph Kobzon ("post-war tango"), Tamara Gverdtsiteli ("previous life"), Nikolai Karachentsov ("For women"), Mikhail Boyarsky ("Autumn ballad"), Christina Aguilera ("Clouds in the blue"), and other famous artists.

Music by Alexander Zhurbin sounds in dozens of films and TV series. Among them: "it is All about the moment" (1978, directed by Viktor Sadovsky), "a Squadron of hussars volatile" (1980, Stanislav Rostotsky and Nikita khubov), "Letters from a dead man" (1986, Konstantin Lopushansky), "Moscow Saga" (2004, Dmitry Barshchevsky), "Heavy sand" (2008, Anton Barschevsky), "Pilgrims patience" (2018, mark sandrich).

The author of the books "As was done in America" (1999), "the Composer, writing the words" (2005), "Orpheus, Eurydice and I" (2006), "My musical life" (2012), "About the times, about music and about yourself" (2016).

Member of the Union of composers of Russia, Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of cinema arts.