The head of “Union of women of Russia” Ekaterina Lakhova has complained to President Vladimir Putin on gay propaganda with ice cream “rainbow”. She saw the similarity of colors of ice cream with the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement.

The meeting dealt with the propaganda of sexual minorities. Putin touched on the topic of the rainbow flag, which is in honor of Pride Month (“pride Month”) posted to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The President commented: “They thing about the person who works there”. Putin added that in Russia there is no persecution on the basis of orientation.

Lakhov continued the theme — in her opinion, in Russia there is a subtle propaganda of non-traditional relationships.

“today we Have post a rainbow of beautiful colors with beautiful words. Or advertise ice cream, which is called "rainbow". This indirectly forces used our children to color the flag that was posted on the (American) Embassy,” said Lakhova.

Putin said that if the images on the labels are promoting LGBT, then you need to control it, “but not aggressive.”

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