Putin called non-systemic opposition to comply with the law

Active part of society – not only non-systemic opposition, which violates the law, said the head of state. It and volunteers, and in Russia, millions of young, efficient, energetic people who work in various fields: in education, healthcare, and ecology. “Just helping people the active, healthy. You know, I sometimes look at them with delight, right with tears in his eyes, because there are really great people work”, – said Vladimir Putin.

what the organizers have turned “memory March” in Moscow

“There is, and always has been, and always will be a part of society in any country that does not agree with the current government, the President continued. And it is very good that such people exist.” The head of state reminded that the people who brought to the revolution, as a rule, in power do not stay: “Very quickly it becomes unpleasant and the power that was created as a result of their active and violent activities”. The exception of the Bolsheviks, “which lingered after the October revolution quite a long time.” “And then they collapsed and the country for a dragged”, – cited the historical example of the President.

“But as for the so-called non-system opposition, and her God bless… I believe they are very necessary”, – said Putin. They really affect the particular life, especially at the level of municipalities and cities.

But there are rules to be followed by all. “And those who like power, and those who don’t like it. There is a law and must be obeyed,” said the President. “Otherwise we will reach a situation completely unbalanced in the country. Otherwise… we want to have on the streets, burned cars?” – he warned. And if you do not respond, they will burn, beat the Windows, and real people will suffer noticed Putin.

the court examined the complaint against the verdict of the programmer Kotov

the Law allows people to Express their opinion through public actions, but you need to get permission. The head of state reminded that in almost all countries, including European, for unauthorized actions, provides for imprisonment from six months to a year. “But in some countries just for unauthorized actions, there is, if 12 people, I think, somewhere in Sweden, or what can be considered mass riots. Roundabout or breaking ten. We have no such, you know?” – compared to the President. “Until that gave you such permission. There’s also the same thing, there is also go and get these permits,” said he. “I didn’t get permission – don’t go. Not received and out – pozhalte shave”, – said Putin. “For three years? Or five?” – asked the reporter. “How the court decides”, – concluded the head of state.