Putin approved the idea in the Constitution the necessity of indexation of wages and pensions

Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal to prescribe in the Constitution the mandatory indexation of salaries and pensions. According to him, the increase in payments it is necessary to fix in the basic law that there was no way not to.

“If we fix the Constitution, that the state has a duty to carry out indexation every year, then loopholes the government will not be”, — said the head of state, speaking at a meeting with the working group on preparation of amendments to the Constitution. The live broadcast events led channel “Russia 24” and the website Вести.Ru.

At the same time the President noted that all the nuances to prescribe is not necessary. In his opinion, the details should be regulated not by the Constitution, and Federal laws.

“There are differences of opinion among experts, as well as what you need to otfiksirovat”, — said Vladimir Putin, having suggested to wait for experts final wording.