Amendments to the Labor code allow to increase the age limit for the rectors from 65 years to 70 years without right of renewal, to set a limit – no more than three terms and to provide for the conclusion of labour contracts with heads of state and municipal universities for a period of not more than five years.

change of limiting age will relate to and branch managers. In some cases stipulated by the law, the tenure of the head of a state or municipal University or research organization at his post upon reaching 70 years can be extended. We are talking about the leadership of the Moscow state University and St. Petersburg state University.

the Innovation will take effect from 1 July, and then in 30 days you need to bring the statutes of the scientific and educational organizations in accordance with the Labour code.

Even the head of state signed the law delineates the powers of presidents and rectors of universities. Previously, the status of its President, each institution has established itself. Right now the presidents of the universities involved in the definition of programmes and plans of the organization, as well as in the activities of collegial management bodies established in the law. They will be able to represent the interests of universities in relations with state bodies and public organizations to solve issues of improvement of educational, scientific, educational, organizational and management activities.

however, the rectors will bear full responsibility for the management of the University, the decision of organizational-personnel and financial issues, program implementation and plan development. By the end of next year, the universities should bring the statutes in compliance with the new law.