Vladimir Putin has addressed to citizens in pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. For this 25 March, he canceled his trip to St. Petersburg for a meeting of the Council for culture and the arts. A meeting of the Council for culture migrated. The President of Russia proposed a number of important things.

Putin said that Russia will not be able to dissociate itself completely from the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection because of their geographic location. But thanks to the timely actions in the country is unable to withstand wide and rapid spread of the disease.

the Russian Head of state urged citizens to watch out for recommendations on protection from coronavirus. This, according to the President, will help to minimize risks. In this regard, Putin proposed to postpone the vote on the amendments to the Constitution at a later date. Originally it was planned for April 22.

“You know how seriously I feel about voting on amendments to the Constitution, but the priority is health, life and safety of people”, — said Vladimir Putin in the appeal of suburban residence in Novo-Ogarevo, which was broadcasted by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

in addition, Vladimir Putin proposed to prevent a rapid threat of the spread of coronavirus week from Saturday, March 28, through Sunday, April 5, to announce after hours with pay.

meanwhile, Putin stressed that the normal operation will continue all the structures of life support, medical facilities, pharmacies, shops, companies, providing banking and financial payments, transportation and authorities.

“a Long weekend is provided to reduce the speed of spread of the disease. I appeal to all citizens of the country, let us not rely on our Russian “Avos” — called on Putin.

the Appeal of Vladimir Putin to the citizens coronavirus extendedcamping 17 minutes.