Putin announced plans for development center

the President presented the centre “Sirius” created for work with talented children. The idea belonged to him when he went proposals to dismantle or transport the Olympic venues in the Imereti valley. But this is about as much as a new build, Putin said: “In the end I decided elsewhere to build new.” “How to use what is there? And at first I came up with a simple, primitive thing to use for children’s sports. And then I thought: why only for sport? We have, since the Soviet Union inherited the system of special training: physical-mathematical school, then the biological school, then College of music at conservatories and ballet schools. What we are proud of. And, of course, sport is figure skating, our sports prestige, where we have good competence, we have made progress, hockey. So I came up with this to unite,” – said the head of state.

Photo credit: TASS/ youtube.com Putin promised support for a good specialist at Home

“And one of my colleagues, who were invited there, he said one of, so to say, colleagues, too: he will not succeed,” the President recalled. And explained then: that “your players get punched in the face mathematicians”. But nothing like that happens. Because the guys are athletes respect their peers who are achieving notable successes in their industries, know that it requires great effort and talent, explained the head of state.

the Name “Sirius” Putin also came up personally: “sat-Sat, thought, what to call it, then I remembered that the brightest star in the sky is Sirius. There the brightest guys going and that’s why I suggested to name”.

“Zhere we use the system of selection of talented children, which was established in the Soviet Union”, – continued the head of state. Children come from physico-mathematical, biological, musical schools in the Sirius for 21 days. Then select those with the greatest prospects. Especially a President like what the athletes are dealing with mathematicians and mathematics, perhaps for the first time are going to look like playing hockey or dancing the ballet, join the gym. “Very nice job, I love it” – praised Putin. Plans to make it so that there was school, University, scientific laboratory and implementation in the industrial Park. “Will sagolsem that’s all”, he concluded.