Putin announced new payments to the families having the right to the matkapital

– Need to support families with children, the President said in a televised address.

In the next three months, according to his proposal, all families entitled to maternity capital, will pay on 5 thousand roubles on the child.

Payments will begin in April, said the President. The funds will rely on each child under the age of three years.

Photo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti Putin spoke about plans to simplify procedures for netcapital

This support is particularly important for families with children who are not attending nurseries and kindergartens. It is very important for parents who are on sick leave and leave to care for a child, said the head of state.

He also gave instructions to speed up all arrangements in relation to payments for children from three to seven years inclusive. So the family began receiving these funds in July, as planned earlier, and already in June.

– It is fundamentally important to begin payments, he said.

meanwhile, all the social benefits the Russians will be automatically renewed for the next six months. This happens without providing any additional certificates, and walking on the courts. As an example the President cited the situation with the family entitled to benefits for housing. “She will not have to regularly prove their income to get such support”, – said Putin.