Putin and XI Jinping discussed the coronavirus and cooperation in the development of drugs

the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 were discussed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping. Moscow and Beijing from the beginning has established close cooperation in the fight against infection. In addition, Putin and XI Jinping approved the continuation of mutual support and deepening of cooperation in the development of drugs.

China is willing to strengthen cooperation with other countries, including with Russia, in the epidemic of the coronavirus, said XI Jinping. Beijing is also ready to share its expertise for the prevention and treatment of disease, to intensify scientific and medical research and work together to confront common challenges and threats and ensure global security in the field of public health.

News about the coronavirus at a press conference shared by the President of the United States Donald trump. As a means of combating coronavirus trump called a medicine used to treat malaria and severe forms of arthritis – chloroquine. According to the President of the United States, it has shown promising results in the treatment of infected COVID-19 people.

“Why not go to Asia, to Europe, to find some medicine. Attempt is an incredible tool for success,” said trump, speaking about the desire to learn from the experience of foreign pharmacists.

Earlier, Donald trump tried to lure the pharmacists of Germany for the development of vaccines against coronavirus. The very appearance of such a vaccine is expected in early 2021.

the who declared pandemic coronavirus March 11. At 19 o’clock Moscow time, the world has seen 229 of 763 thousand cases of infection. 9 thousand 357 people died from complications of the disease. With 85 thousand 275 people from the disease was cured. Not one new disease per day is not revealed in China. Started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epidemic is on the decline.

In Russia, 199 infections. During the day, the number of detected case of the disease rose to 52. Nine people have succumbed to the infection. In the comorbidities died 79-year-old woman, who previously had confirmed the diagnosis of “coronavirus”. She was in the hospital since March 13.