the Main attention during the conversation was paid to the situation in the South-East of Ukraine. So, Vladimir Putin told Angela Merkel that Kiev’s attempts to distort the content of the “Minsk-2” is counterproductive. With both sides given a negative assessment of recent statements of Ukrainian officials about the need to revise of “Complex measures,” he added in a press-service of the Kremlin.

“Stressed that the line of Kiev on the selective performance of its obligations under this document leads to a deadlock the negotiation process”, – stated in the message.

the two Leaders reaffirmed the unambiguousness of the “Minsk-2” for settlement in the Donbass. “In this context noted the importance of full and unconditional implementation of “Complex measures” and decisions adopted at the summit of the “Normandy Quartet”, including in Paris, 9 Dec 2019,” according to the Kremlin website. Putin and Merkel called for the intensification of work at the direction of the line of the assistants of the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine.

the Parties also “exchanged views on the situation in Libya.” The Russian leader and Chancellor of Germany, expressed the General opinion about the need mezhliviysky dialogue.

“agreed on the need to overcome the crisis in this country exclusively by political and diplomatic means and establishing dialogue mezhliviysky, as foreseen by the decisions of the Berlin conference January 19, 2020 and established their 2510 resolution of the UN Security Council”, – is spoken in the message.

during the conversation we also touched upon the topic of sanctions against Iran. Vladimir Putin said about their prospects. “The Russian President stressed the futility of sanctions pressure on Tehran and relevance of the efforts to maintain a Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program, approved by the resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council,” notes on the Kremlin website.