Putin and Lukashenko did not agree on the issue of Kashi, but won in hockey

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko played in one team, literally and figuratively. In Sochi — the big day of the Russian-Belarusian talks. Themes — bilateral relations and integration within the Union state. In between discussions about changes in them made even the inclement weather where the aircraft of the Russian governmental delegation landed in Mineralnye Vody. The two leaders managed to play hockey.

“And lucky you! Snow and sea, and winter. We have where I live there is practically no snow”, — said in the beginning of the meeting the Belarusian leader to his Russian counterpart.

Meeting on the threshold of a mountain residence: Vladimir Putin in the winter jacket, Alexander Lukashenko — in a suit. He just pulled up here with delegations from the coast, and there are ten degrees warmer and heavy rains.

at First the leaders went into a working lunch. Here, the operators managed to shoot a few frames.

Gruel in the morning did not eat?

— Well, not on the water.

Why? Very tasty. Try it, You’ll like it.

— No, I still used milk.

it All happened in the house of receptions of foreign delegations in Krasnaya Polyana. Journalists of Belarusian and Russian, waited in the press center, while the leaders of the order of one and a half hours talking eye to eye.

the Weather in the mountains is changeable. Ten minutes ago it was snowing, now all melting. Even before the trip to Sochi, Alexander Lukashenko, announced the upcoming meeting as a moment of truth. But those who were to participate in the extended negotiations with the Russian side, members of the government and the presidential administration — the time in Sochi has not arrived. The airport has banned landing due to strong winds. The plane was in the Mineral Waters, which, Dmitry Peskov, spoke with journalists who were interested in there will be any negotiations.

At this time in Krasnaya Polyana, a journalists has already been invited to the conference room. Lukashenka was and pen, and a Notepad, with a national ornament, Putin on the pad gold embossing double — headed eagle on a background of the tricolour.

the Main questions of the proposed agenda of the meeting of Putin and Lukashenko media exaggerated the last two days. Believed that somehow we will focus on the integration within the Union state, the supply of oil to Belarus on mutual trade. The negotiations came energy Minister Alexander Novak and first Deputy Minister of economic development Mikhail Babich, who worked as Ambassador in the Republic.

“unfortunately, the Russian delegation could not be reached before our meeting. Hope that weather conditions will allow, and they will come a bit later, but we can already begin our discussion. Alexander Lukashenko has almost an hour and a half even, touched on many issues that are, as they say in such cases, a mutual interest. So we can proceed now in such a broader group, and then wait for more of our colleagues and move on to the second round. I think today will definitely be useful”, — said Vladimir Putin

“We really talked about many things, reached a depth of gray times. Decided to have not one on one, and with people who are involved in this process, to continue our conversation. The sky is supposedly already cleared. So then we continue our conversation, but in General there is nothing to talk about, is over what to work” — said Lukashenko.

since the supplies of Russian oil to the Republic until the new year failed to agree. As always, I expect a personal meeting of Putin and Lukashenko.

the enlarged Negotiations lasted more than an hour. Around the time of their end and there arrived the delegation of the Russian government stuck to Mineral Water.

From the courtroom waiters carried the cups, and the tuples of the first persons went to one of the Olympic OBEktov. The Belarusian President under the number 1, the Russian leader is at number 11. From the balcony over the ice the fight was watched by members of the Belarusian and Russian delegations. Alexander Lukashenko — a form with the Belarusian flag Vladimir Putin with the Russian tricolor, but they were playing for the same team.

the Russian and Belarusian presidents not for the first time together on the ice. In February 2019, they in breaks between the talks also played hockey. In the match this time was attended by the son of the President of Belarus Nikolai.

And in the second period the game followed arrived in Sochi Dmitry Medvedev. The presidents team won the match with the score 13:4.

the Talks between Putin and Lukashenko in these moments continue in an expanded format with the participation of all latecomers.