Putin and Erdogan discussed Syrian crisis

the settlement of the Syrian crisis and the escalation of the situation in Idlib — topics of discussion between the presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They discussed them by telephone. While the initiator of this communication was the Turkish side.

Putin and Erdogan stressed the importance of fulfillment of the Russian-Turkish agreements, including the Sochi Memorandum dated September 17, 2018 on the establishment of the Syrian territory four zones of de-escalation, RIA Novosti reported. The two presidents agreed to hold additional contacts between the relevant departments to carry out their goals.

Erdogan asked Putin to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Turkish President concerned about the offensive of the Syrian army in Idlib. He insists that the troops of Bashar al-Assad returned to their former positions until the end of February. Otherwise, Ankara is threatening a military response to Syria. The number of people killed in shelling in the Syrian province of Idlib, the Turkish military has increased to 14 people, informed Putin Erdogan.

Three zones of de-escalation came under the control of Damascus in 2018. The fourth is in Idlib. And it is more than ten various armed groups. Most of it is controlled by the group “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia as a terrorist and extremist organization). Idlib province is adjacent to the provinces of Latakia, Hama and Aleppo. Idlib occur including attacks with drones on Russian airbase Hamim.

the Syrian army on 7 February took full control of the M5 highway connecting the Syrian capital with Aleppo, a former economic capital of Syria, before the conflict in the country. But Ankara this process alarmed. The Turkish military pulled toward Syrian territory additional troops and hundreds of tanks.

in addition, Putin and Erdogan discussed the situation around Donbass. The presidents stressed the necessity of compliance with the Minsk agreementauthorization.