Putin and Erdogan began talks on Idlib in the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin thanked Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the fact that he agreed to come. “We, as always, there is something to talk about. But now the situation in Idlib was so acute that, of course, requires direct personal contact,” he said. And then you can connect to the conversation and members of his delegation, as suggested by Erdogan, agreed the Russian leader.

Putin expressed his condolences over the death of Turkish soldiers in Syria: “the Death of people is always a great tragedy”. But he added that no one, including the Syrian army, did not know about their whereabouts.

“During this time, unfortunately, and Syrian soldiers were injured. The Syrian army has serious losses”, – stated the President of the Russian Federation. “So, of course, we need to be sure to talk the whole situation to anything like this – a) are not repeated, b) – it does not damage Russian-Turkish relations, to which we are very carefully and cherish,” said he.

Photo: REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi/File Photo Assad said about the common interests of Syria and Turkey

Erdogan thanked for reception in the Kremlin, and I noticed that was going to hold a meeting in Turkey, but – “in connection with your work on the constitutional amendments is decided to accept your offer.”

“Indeed, in Idlib a very tense situation”, – said the Turkish leader. “I believe that today’s steps and our solutions will certainly facilitate the situation,” he added.

“Between the two countries relations reached a peak. This applies to defense and trade. And the main task is to promote and develop these relationships,” concluded Erdogan.