Putin and Erdogan agreed on the ceasefire in Idlib

At negotiations in the Kremlin presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed to a ceasefire in Idlib from 00:00 on 6 March. This was at the final press conference said the Turkish leader.

Vladimir Putin thanked his Turkish counterpart and the entire delegation for the challenge of reaching agreements on Idlib. In his opinion, this work ended with a positive result. Following the meeting was agreed a joint paper which sets out the key decisions.

Putin stressed that Moscow does not always agree with Ankara in their assessments of the situation in Syria. But every once in critical moments based on the high level of bilateral relations, we still managed to “find common ground and acceptable solutions”. “It happened this time,” said Putin.

He expressed the hope that these agreements will serve as a good basis for the cessation of hostilities in Idlib, to stop the suffering of innocent people and create conditions for the continuation of the peace process in Syria.

Erdogan during his speech said that Turkish-Russian relations are rooted deep in history. He also called Putin “dear friend” and invited him to Turkey for the centennial of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

in addition, Erdogan said that Turkey will continue to respond to any attack by the army of Bashar al-Assad. He also promised to help the Syrian refugees to return home, so as not to aggravate the humanitarian situation in the region.

In turn, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia and Turkey will create a security corridor just six miles North and South of the Syrian M4 highway. This road connects Latakia and Aleppo. In addition, on March 15 will begin joint patrols of Russian and Turkish troops near Saraqib. The specific parameters of the security corridor will be agreed with the defence ministries of the two countries for seven days.