Daniel Farke should bring Borussia Mönchengladbach back on the road to success. In order to strengthen the team spirit, the new coach is now announcing a first measure.

Only German is spoken: so that no one feels left out anymore, the new Gladbach coach Daniel Farke forbids any language other than German in the dressing room. The 45-year-old said to “Bild”: “In general, it is important to speak German in a German cabin. I think it’s important to commit to a club like that.”

Short, compact, clear

No more forming groups: In the past season there were repeated complaints about forming groups. The six French-speaking players in particular are said to have only spoken in their national language both in training and in the dressing room. But according to Farke, “the boys should also work hard on it, the language isn’t that easy for the French.”

Similar measures in England: “In Norwich we had a lot of German-speaking players, especially at the beginning. During my tenure in England, not a word of German was allowed in the dressing room,” emphasizes Farke, thereby confirming his decision.