due to the coronavirus, the team, like all Russian theaters, has suspended performances, moved the timing of the Prime and adjusted plans for the current and following theatre seasons. The premiere of the musical of Egor Druzhinin “Jewish happiness”, a street theatre festival “Centre of Yaroslavl” and the celebration of the 270 anniversary of the First Russian theatre and the international Volkovsky festival is postponed to a later date. Canceled scheduled for August-October tour of vovkivtsi.

“to Talk about the opening of the theatre halls, alas, too early, but the period of downtime the First Russian intends to spend the maximum benefit is to prepare during this time a large number of the Prime, develop new creative projects, spend the maximum amount of repair work to once again delight our audience”, – said earlier the artistic Director of the Volkov theatre Sergey Puskepalis. Reconstruction of the upper mechanics of a scene planned for summer of current year, deferred to 2021. But capital and cosmetic repairs in the audience section of the theater will not be migrated.

creative plans in the near future there will be continued work on three shows: the musical “Jewish luck” by Sholom Aleichem staged by Director Yegor Druzhinin. For the play “Forget Herostratus” by Grigory Gorin will take myself the artistic Director Sergei Puskepalis. And the play “the Siren and Victoria” Alexander Galina rehearsing actor and Director of the Volkov theatre Valery Kirillov.

As a plan in the theatre, with a favorable epidemiological situation in the region, namely these three premieres, the Theatre. F. Volkov will open for spectators in November 2020. On November previously I think in connection with the international Volkovsky festival which is always held in September and collected in Yaroslavl the best Russian and foreign theaters.

In July-August begin to prepare two new performances: Boris Pavlovich put in the Volkov theatre is a play about Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and Andrzej Tambourine – “Fathers and children” Turgeneva. These premieres will be held in the winter of 2021.

P. S.

Before the opening of the theatre for the audience in Volkov theater, you can watch archival recordings are presented productions of past seasons and the performances of the current repertoire, videos, live broadcasts and interviews with the actors.