For Sergei Puskepalis a cinematic journey into the past — quite a common practice. But if we are talking about the role of the hero in the performance of official duties, then Directors can trust to Sergey for all hundred percent. In a serial of NTV “Alex Fierce” Puskepalis in the scenery of the seventies plays the investigator who with the excitement of a bounty hunter looking for war criminals.

Puskepalis film Career began with roles is adults. Which is not surprising, because in the episode paintings by Alexei Uchitel “Walk”, his first role in a movie, the actor starred, being a 36-year-old man with a Director education and solid theatrical experience. So in the movie Puskepalis plays the experienced, reliable and responsible even in situations where they commit irresponsible acts.

part of the everyday experience Sergei could envy, even when he was a child. The future actor and Director grew up in a family of geologist, spent several years in Chukotka, where my father worked, and to study at the Saratov theater school treated with the seriousness of a man who served three years in the Navy. No less serious was his approach to self-realization as a theater Director. The graduate of GITIS and the pupil Fomenko decided not to limit the theatrical capitals and toured half the country, implementing their performances on the stages of various theaters did not embarrassed by their provinciality. In the end, and live Puskepalis decided in Sochi, which Mr, in his own words, will never give up on Moscow and make it three hours spend in the airplane than the same amount in the tube.

as for the movie, here the actor and Director have their iron principles. In an interview with “MK” Sergei told about the projects, which he says “Yes”, the disagreements with Hollywood and life in his pleasure.

Sergey, in your filmography has already developed an impressive collection of heroes in the performance of official duties. Than the investigator Sukharev different from other similar characters?

— I identified him as a bounty hunter. That is, the person who bears something of a mission of justice. The film begins with the fact that the car already got one war criminal. That is not just a felon, and a man of ideas. And this requires a special flair and character.

— Plus the desire to run, if you need…

— And run, and shoot, and fight. All this thanks to our team of stuntmen. I actually have from filming were the warmest memories. And we worked in wonderful places: in Pyatigorsk and St. Petersburg.

In the eighties on the Soviet TV issued a series of “Confrontation” with a plot reminiscent of “Alex Fierce”. War criminal played Andrey Boltnev, and investigator Oleg Basilashvili. In your opinion, these movies we canbut to compare?

— Here is not for me to judge, and the audience. But of course, I watched “the Confrontation” and realized that this story for our film and television is very significant.

— comes out Every year several new projects with your participation. And such a demand will probably allow you to play up sometimes and say “no”. In some cases, you usually say “Yes”?

— many Summands. And the identity of the Director, and hence a guarantee of understanding of the subject what he is going to remove. And the plot is not from the “just met, had fun, and dispersed.” Should be in the project any use, historical or social class. As for my moods, then “no” — not a typical word in my vocabulary. Just everyone has their own interests and objectives, and I can’t say “Yes”. Sometimes I just don’t have time.

— And there are rumors that you almost always say “no” when I suggest shooting in foreign movies. Is this true?

— it’s not so much foreign as Russophobic films, but these projects are sometimes Russian. But most such suggestions coming from abroad. Naturally, I disagree, because I consider it wrong to serve malicious ideas against our country. I just don’t have that right.

However, in 2014, you played in the British film “Black sea”, where the main role was Jude law…

— …And I was left with a wonderful impression of the team with which I worked and from the initial idea of the film. But from the final Assembly was only disappointment. It seemed to me that the Director was shooting about one thing, but the producers then decided to present it your way.

— the plot of the British divers hire a Russian submarine with crew to search for treasure. But on Board when a conflict breaks out. That eventually changed after installation?

the conflict between the British and Russian submariners became very flat. As if the British were shooting something very predictable about relations with the Russians. In the scenario was different. But still it was a good experience. After filming I realized that the oil in the foreign film is not particularly plastered. I would not say that their work is organized somehow different than us. I had Russian projects, where the shooting differed little from what happens on the court is there for them.

Film “Clinch”, which was released five years ago, was the picture where you sat in the Director’s chair. And if we add to this your directing experience in the theater, then, acting in a movie, you may give advice to the Director. You abuse it?

— the fact that in the movie, an actor’s job is, perhaps, twenty per cent of what is needed to create a movie. I’m just one of the elements of the great ProE��she and the contradictions with the Director here can not be. The film is his plan, in which, besides me, there are a lot of components from montage to music. I understand this very well and just don’t meddle in what is not invented from beginning to end. In the theatre everything is different. There is an actor — a full-fledged author their role and, each time coming to the public, it is this role again and again. That is why I can’t be actor because I have with the Director can be serious disagreements about the role that I have to live for some time.

What would you say to those who call you a very lucky actor in good projects?

— How lucky I am, it will be clear at the end of my career.

— She now looks very solid. Studied in Saratov and Moscow, staged performances in the Theater Studio of Oleg Tabakov, as well as on theatrical stages in Omsk, Samara, Magnitogorsk and Yaroslavl. There is some city that is more for the house than others?

— I Have all as in the song: “My address not the house and not street, my address — Soviet Union”. Probably about every city where I lived and worked, I still have fond memories, and in each of these cities has friends. As for personal preferences, it is, of course, the North Caucasus, where I settled. As a place of residence I am satisfied with everything here. As for the work, it is important for me just good people that burn some kind of idea. And no matter how far it is from the capital.

— it May seem like you’ve always Packed a suitcase alarming that you are ready at any moment to go anywhere…

— Now that the suitcase is not mandatory, because everywhere it is possible to buy. Standards everywhere are about the same, would a normal credit card.

In the movies you often transform into people reliable, considerate, always ready to lend a shoulder. These qualities come with your frame?

sometimes I try to take a cue from their heroes. Suddenly, and I’m able to move all the good that they have.

— That is the house if necessary, you can play any of your heroes?

— No, this I’m fine. In his main profession, I am still a Director, so the psychological gateway between work and home I have.

In your family has formed an acting dynasty. And your son Gleb, unlike you, got into movies as a child. What you as a person who knows the specifics of the profession, had to actively resist…

— I didn’t talk and didn’t set up. Just a finger does not hit any one, or the other way. It seemed to me that here the person himself must determine whether he wants that s��to address, at least in terms of the lifestyle of their parents. Gleb saw everything and understood everything. And on the set of his first film “Koktebel” my son spent time with amazing people — Boris Khlebnikov and Alexei Popogrebsky. Three months in the company of such Directors. Who would expect the acting education?

You can be perceived as a storehouse of experience and useful tips. Son often asks for help?

— He not only listens to my recommendations, how many prochuvstvuesh, like any normal person. In General we have a son and a great relationship — still sailing in the same boat.

If I am not mistaken, you have starred with Gleb…

— There are two films where we filmed together with her son. One is called “Operation “Muhabbat” and the second, which is not yet released, “Return at any cost.” Both paintings about the Afghan events.

Probably, not easy to play scenes with my own child?

— Joint scene, we had one, but it really was not easy, because the hero Gleb in this episode also killed. In the story he covered for me and took the bullet. So for me it was a thrill.

lately the thrill has got to us all, and the entertainment industry affected by the epidemic almost more than anyone. Do you keep your optimism in this situation?

— it is Better to look at it all optimistically, because to leave the pessimism makes no sense and is very impractical. I now run the First Russian theatre in Yaroslavl, and by the middle of July the entire staff on vacation. We have not the worst situation — we, the Federal theatre, and we largely helped. But, of course, want all these advances quickly to give back from holiday and to compensate for our viewers what we haven’t done this season due to the coronavirus.

Your forced vacation, perhaps to be envied. Being a resident of Zheleznovodsk, you are already at the resort. How you spend your time?

— Read, walk, travel around the area. In General, charged with health. Only now beginning to learn how to get pleasure from life, really doing nothing.