the Death in police detention of black George Floyd in the United States caused a storm of protest which quickly grew into riots and pogroms. What is happening in America, where “grow legs” of the American revolt? What’s behind picked up in Europe by the campaign of demolition of monuments to historical figures? And what ideology is being born before our very eyes? About it “MK” talks the Chairman of the Federation Council Commission for information policy and media relations, Senator Alexei PUSHKOV.

the Nature of what is happening in the United States is very complicated. Protests, as you know, broke out spontaneously or have been deployed by the opponents of the trump when it became known about the next African American, killed another white policeman.

thus, even if the protests started spontaneously, they immediately began to use in the political struggle. For anybody not a secret that the Black Lives Matter movement (“Black lives matter”) funded by the Soros Foundation and other liberal foundations and support primarily Democrats and other opponents of the trump.

the heads of many American cities and States belonging to the Democratic party, rather sided with the protesters, rioters and looters, than tried to stop them. Looting, vandalism, looting of stores is in the eyes of the police, which in this case does nothing. But — please note! — this happens not in all States, but mostly where those in power are Democrats.

of Course, in these protests there are the traditional for the United States element of the struggle of black people for their rights — a struggle rooted very deeply. Just remember that for the twentieth century there were about 10 large racial performances in the US. The most extensive broke out after the assassination of Martin Luther king in 1968.

Objective problem is that the African-American community in the U.S. lives its own separate, semi-enclosed and highly criminal life. If you look at the statistics, black Americans commit many times more crimes than whites. The question itself is that “black lives matter” that is of course fair. But there is a feeling that it is very much deployed in the same direction — to mobilize blacks against whites.

meanwhile, according to the FBI in 2018, black killed a white 12 times more often than whites kill blacks. But most importantly, that black killed by black, was 60 times greater than blacks killed by white.

That is, the movement Black Lives Matter should be turned 90% to the black community. The settling of accounts, homicide, shootings — it’s only common for her phenomena. And why this movement is not engaged, is not engaged in the education of black children, so they don’t kill their own kind? Agree, this is a legitimate question. So, thisabout the movement of the other, political objectives, and saving the lives of blacks is not important.

of Course, cops shouldn’t kill blacks, which are non-threatening, unarmed and not resisting arrest. In the case of George Floyd, the police have committed a crime. But the reaction to this crime is, like most in the black community the peace and quiet but God’s grace. But it is not.

Equal civil rights, which in the twentieth century were provided to African Americans, did not change the main fact: the extremely disadvantaged position of the black community. Yes, America has received in 2009 African-American President. And black Americans were crying from happiness when I saw that the White house is a black President. This, of course, was a huge shift, but the shift is largely symbolic. On a practical level, the poor, the socially underprivileged, the criminal community of the United States — still African-American.

And from here a huge amount of dissatisfaction in this environment. Superficial layer of law is extremely thin, as soon as the situation allows to go beyond the law, there is “invitation to violence”, members of the community happily rushed to loot shops, smashing Windows, beating up police officers. Destructive among African Americans is very strong.

Integration of the black population in American society has not given the expected results. It is very superficial. There are, of course, the elite who emerged from this community who occupy major positions in the US army, their elected to Congress, they can occupy high positions in the Executive branch. But the majority of black Americans is either in poverty or in polonyste. This problem the American government to solve and failed.

And this movement of protest and riots (and they go hand in hand) consists not only of black people in the US — they were joined by the discontented and radical white and Hispanic. This is largely due to a sharp aggravation of social disadvantage in the United States in terms of the epidemic COVID-19. Over the last couple of months, the U.S. economy began to gradually recover, but when there are 46 million unemployed, it is clear that a very unhappy and ready to destroy anything. In addition, there was a sense of powerlessness of the authorities (at least in large cities such as new York) the face of coronavirus infection. And destructive beginning, inherent in the American social matrix, spilled out in the form of destructive waves, which involves not only black but also a white.

This wave rolling through the cities of America, was the reverse psychology of consumption. Americans have made consumption a meaning of his life. But in terms of rebellion �� psychology of consumption showed the reverse side — the psychology of looting. Informal morality of American society, promoted by Hollywood, praises the clever scams, successful gangsters, Bank robbers. These settings are the Americans constantly see on screens. Now they implement in practice the cinematic sample.

Remember, in the film Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood” girl-hippies, coming on the murder of the inhabitants of the privileged quarter of Hollywood, says: “Hollywood for many years and only did what was taught to kill us.” This exact phrase. Midwife of the United States was armed violence. The United States was born from the barrel of a gun. So splashed out on streets of their cities violence is not surprising.

the presidential Candidate of the Democratic party, Joe Biden said that “not very nice people” in America 10-15%, and the vast majority of Americans are decent people. For example. But 10-15% in a country like USA is about 50 million people. This is a huge destructive force. This means that in America there is a great potential of destruction. It’s coming out “social coronavirus”, which has the weakest spots of the American social organism.

about the fact that the protest is not confined to black Americans… have Been reports that in some places, the protests were joined by white supporters of right-wing and even racist views expressing solidarity with the victims of police Floyd…

They are opposed to the American system as such, against Washington, which they believe to be the spawn of the devil and which causes the radicals deep and long-standing hatred. The ultra-right and fascist organisations advocate the destruction of the American system of government. So they could support the movement in support of Floyd because of his destructive start.

If we talk about the controlled nature of the protests, it seems that there are quite unsuited forces. How is the mobilization of the masses for destructive action?

— in this war, with the government there are a lot of reasons. To reduce everything to the point that it is absolutely controlled motion, I would not. But there is reason to believe that a large part of this movement really is driven. And actively funded. For example, the mobs at key points in a number of cities was prepared well packaged bricks, which they then smashed the Windows of shops and offices. But these bricks someone picked up. The rioters may act spontaneously, but someone’s helping them.

the Degree of bitterness of the political struggle in the United States is, and the elite are so divided that the democratic liberal course ready to use a pleasureth excuse and any means of combating the trump. And in this case they try to ride out this protest.

no-No in the array of information on American protests being suggested that there is a “Russian trace”. And slips “exotic”: someone willing to seek and “Chinese trace”…

— Yes, it sounded in the statements of the former assistant to Obama on national security, Susan rice. She said that she had no such data, but it wouldn’t have been surprised if they knew that Russia bleed each other white and black communities in the US. That is, they say, “meet Russian training manual”. However, this topic has not received much support. Partly because no evidence of this. Partly because it sounds absurd. But first of all, because everyone understands that this protest is not in any way associated with Russia. Not Russia imported black slaves to America. Russia is not exploited them on the plantations. And Russian run by the us police who shoot innocent black teenagers.

Why the “Russian version” is present nonetheless? It is necessary to explain the recent failures of America. We need someone to blame. And here I was saying that Russian via social media are trying to misinform the American public, to sow distrust of the actions of the authorities in the context of the epidemic. But at what here Russian? The evidence is clear: the United States lost the war with COVID-19. More than 116 thousand dead, more than 2 million infected — isn’t that a failure? And then there’s the racial riot, which inflicted a huge blow to the image and authority of the US around the world.

an attempt to blame the woes of the USA on Russia is very typical for US in recent years. We are trying to lay the blame for the failure of the United States to retain global leadership role. But we do not get out from the pedestal, as protesters in the U.S. blamed monuments to Christopher Columbus. They lose this role. Others guilty in the troubles of the United States declares China: the China factor already plays a significant role during the American election campaign. America, once again desperately need an external enemy. She can’t do without an external enemy. China is trying to pin responsibility for the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. The electorate will prove that all the fault of China that it “exploits” the United States is that it robs Americans of jobs. If geopolitics “insidious foreign enemy” is Russia, in the troubles of the American economy and industry (and, of course, in COVID-19) will blame China.

You mentioned the monuments of Columbus, whose head flew to the United States. And this war monuments after protests spread across the Atlantic to Europe. In Britain, make lists of memorials should be taken down. What’s going on?

In the USA really is the revolution, but not a social and ideological: relatively moderate liberalism supplanted by an aggressive, militant political correctness. This is not a concession to the traditional conservative forces, the liberals, with their reverence for the rights of minorities. Issued a new radical ideology that proclaims the ideological, and then and social terror against those who do not practice its tenets. This radical ideology has captured the young generation of journalists and University campuses, where goes the future elite of the country. This elite will be even less tolerant of any manifestations of a different perspective than the current one.

Before political correctness demanded tolerance and emphatic respect for minorities and promotion of their rights (and this applies to both ethnic and sexual minorities), waiver of certain language that could offend minorities. Now part of the American nation the political correctness elevated to the category of new American ideology, acquiring the traits of ideological dictatorship.

Some of the carriers of this ideology say that in case of victory, Biden is necessary to “defashizatsiyu” the bulk of the US population, as was done in Europe after the Second world war. Can you imagine? We are talking about the fact that all those who do not support the Black Lives Matter movement who do not support the destruction of monuments, does not support the rewriting of American history who adhere to traditional values, must be subjected to social pressure, so they adopted a new ideology of aggressive political correctness. Otherwise, they were declared “fascists” and “racists”. With consequences: for that they can drive to work, can ostracize their children in school, turn into social outcasts.

this creates a new ideological matrix of the United States, which inevitably will be transferred to Europe, where merge the two movements. On the one hand representatives of numerous ethnic communities of black Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, who are dissatisfied with their life in European countries. On the other — representatives of the liberal movement who believe that the imposition of new values need to go to the end, including refusal of the previous story. In London had wooden boards to close the monument to Churchill. He could escape, because Churchill was a staunch colonialist, and his monument stands directly opposite the houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey on the square, which is a symbol of great Britain. And the authorities, not without reason, I am afraid that it will come to Churchill.

to Come up with the modern standards of European historical figures, to the people who created the United States of America, to attribute who lived in the XVIII–XIX centuries people racism is absurd. Then it was the norm, these people could not be different. George Washington was a slave owner, like other founding fathers of the United States. Now what to do with them? But the fight is against any character associated with the “white world”. Now the struggle not only for the rewriting of the history of the Second world war, but also rewriting the history of Europe and the United States.

This new ideological dictatorship occurs in an ideological vacuum: after all, Christianity has long ceased to be a major faith in the United States. The vacuum of faith is filled with aggressive attempt to create a new political identity, which requires the destruction of monuments and the rewriting of history.

our eyes there are new United States. Once in the United States with all the diversity of beliefs in this country, the main figure of the faith was Jesus Christ. Even during protests against the Vietnam war, during the hippie, Jesus was a “sverhtverdoy”, an icon for American youth, preaching non-violence, sacrifice, peace, respect for people, the slogan “Make love not war!” (“Make love, not war!”).

And now what? Now the Americans asked Floyd as a sacred sacrifice and a model for worship. Here is the new idol of the United States. Invented, an artificial idol. A criminal who abandoned his wife with three-month old baby. Since it is generally impossible to emulate! And here it is buried in a Golden coffin, in a chariot drawn by white horses. This is a very dangerous symbolism. It is the antithesis of Christianity. Her and I want her to turn into the main ideological value to American society. Forgot Jesus? Get Floyd.