Pushkov: the chances of Poland to receive reparations from Russia - below zero

Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov on Saturday commented on the statement by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Paul Yablonski on “unconditional” right of Poland to receive compensation from Russia for damage during the Second world war.

As the Senator wrote on Twitter, voiced by a diplomat of the requirements that other, as “purely Polish fantasy”. According to Pushkov, only Poland itself considers its right to payment of “unconditional”, and nobody in the world does this “law” does not recognize

“Chances: below zero” – said the gun.

“the Right of Poland to demand reparations” Russia is “unqualified” only to Warsaw. Nobody in the world does this “law” does not recognize — either with reservations or without. Polish pure fantasy, has no relation to international law. Chances: below zero (less than zero).

— Alexei Pushkov (@Alexey_Pushkov) January 31, 2020

In recognition of Jablonski, to reach agreement with Russia on this issue will be difficult. In turn, the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova urged the Polish foreign Ministry “to cease to saraisniemi”.