As reports “Politekspert,” the Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov said the US President Donald Trump in his statement that Russia is “big beat” of his predecessor, Barack Obama, for which he “squeezed” it out of the G8.

the Senator stressed that in those matters which were, according to trump, “a disaster” for Obama on Syria and Ukraine, he himself can boast some achievements.

“Russia continues to firmly defend its interests in Ukraine and Syria. And the Obama administration, and the administration to trump us is not a decree. So I would equate their success from the point of view of influence on Russia’s foreign policy… with regard to the return to the Big eight,… the G7 is a very old format… It doesn’t attract attention, because there’s nothing going on. There is only US and their friends. Therefore, the topic of Russia’s involvement – the only theme that animates the information field around the “Big seven” – said the Senator.