Opponents of the current U.S. President Donald trump would be strongly opposed if he really will propose to postpone the election of the head of state, said Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov.

“trump thought about the possibility of postponing the elections because of Kovid-19, because “universal voting by mail will make them the inaccurate and fraudulent in U.S. history”. His opponents will be strongly opposed. The U.S. is moving to the most controversial and disputed elections in their history. The result is unpredictable”,- wrote Pushkov in his Twitter.


Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has raised the issue of the postponement of the elections of the head of state from November 2020 to a later date. The head of state explained that due to restrictions related to the pandemic, and the vote by mail election results will prove to be most inaccurate in the history and in the end will be “a great shame of the USA”.

Prior to that, trump claimed that he will lose the election only in the case of voting by mail. 59th presidential elections in the USA scheduled for November 3, 2020. Now some States make the laws and preparing for a possible vote by mail. The cause of remote voting is called pandemic coronavirus. So, in Washington state vote by mail became the only possible form of expression in the upcoming elections.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States identified more than 4.42 million cases of infection with coronavirus, had died more than 150 thousand infected. These are the highest figures in the world.