On Saturday, the day of birth of Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has decided to talk about the Russian language and culture, which in a veiled form and directly asked, oddly enough, money, and exceptions to the rules. Russian to Russian translate the special correspondent of “Kommersant” Andrei Kolesnikov.Pandemic topic is rapidly moving away from the President’s agenda (and not yet under the theme of the popular vote, and so, it’s coming), so to speak, on 6 June, especially on Saturday, is not the mandatory day of the week, about the Russian language with cultural people — what could be better than this?— Now we are gradually returning to normal a normal life is confirmed by the President.— There is a revision of the national plan of restoration of economy and social sphere. Must be taken into account in the activities of cultural institutions.Here it looked promising. The birthday of the great Russian poet was not, of course, in the literal meaning of the Russian word smokescreen to cultural figures sat for the account of the activities of cultural institutions in the national plan, but not without it, too. Just to, as they say, two times not to rise.— I want to remember— want Vasilevich,— the little visitor of the Pushkin reserve, a six year old boy who once asked: is it true that Pushkin is a hero? Had to say, Yes, it’s true… In honor in honor of the hero, called a century? And we know that the XIX century is called the century of Pushkin…even If you didn’t know, here and learned. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky would not argue — how would they know?Georgy Vasilevich added that Pushkin is “someone in a lifetime increase.”— You already mentioned the amendments to the Constitution, where the Russian language is referred to as the national. It also says that the languages of Russia’s peoples is no less important, they continue, and it is very in Pushkinskaya. Very in Pushkinskaya, because we all know the poem “the Monument”, and there is the line: “the Hearing will take me across the great of Russia, and call me every one who is in her tongue…”.Read diepenbeeck the situation in the Michael Georgy Vasilevich also described exhaustively:— Pushkin much anticipated, and quarantine too, has visited, and knows how it is difficult, and that nevertheless it is a reason to overcome. So a period of quarantine, the period from mid-February for us was not only difficult, but also rewarding! First, we have to live so… talking about Michael… as he lived Alexander at the time links! We suddenly realized that we are living in the estate (before it was obvious.— A. K.), that silence and emptiness let us know that something is missing that you need creativity to overcome this loneliness!Vladimir Putin, retired for two months, in its veryturn, in Novo-Ogaryovo, vigorously agreed.Of course, this meeting predictable needs was to consist of requests (let’s not forget that the President met with workers of culture). “A required support in terms of the level of wages that we are losing partly because of the lack of visitors,” explained Museum Director, budget, staff and so paid in accordance with the implementation plan for the visitors, that’s where that suddenly jumped like a rabbit from a hat, the word “partially”.The improvement of parks, the purchase of masks for visitors and employees, instruments for decontamination, compensation money for tickets not released from quarantine performances and concerts… I often see that today we have communication is the nineteenth century, at about the same level that was Pushkin, and he has written somewhere: “it’s over: between us there is no connection!”,— admitted George Vasilevich.— I would like to have many museums that are located far from major centers, the issue of a permanent high-quality connection so that communication was possible at the highest level!The President activated the communication has recovered from coronavirus infection, Minister of culture Olga Lyubimov:— Olga Borisovna, how you actually feel? All is well with you health?She was fine:— May please all colleagues who still do not know about that back in March was a revised state assignment! Of course, we can’t expect our esteemed leaders of museums, most of those indicators on attendance, if people are in isolation.That is a plan for the visitors did not have to drive since March.Vladimir Putin promised to consider and to prepare all, drew attention to one important point: In 2024, as we know, marks 225 years since the birth of Alexander Pushkin, and to prepare for this celebration, we will advance! — said Vladimir Putin.Exhaustively expressed about the involvement of the birthday of the poet the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov:— the Republic of Buryatia has its own relationship with Alexander Pushkin! In 1727, the great-grandfather of Alexander Pushkin, Abram Petrovich Hannibal, after the death of the king was exiled in Buryatia and three years we lived in the city of Rostov-on-don, after which he returned to St. Petersburg. Thank God, finally we have our great poet.And for so many years.In Buryatia a lot of good is happening:— the erection of a new library building and modern equipment thanks to your support was allocated 615 million rubles. Expansion of the area — no, No, ‘ interrupted the President, a billion, according to my data! Billion two hundred million is a library. Two hundred (million.— A. K.) — from you. If you say six hundred (million.— And. K.), where a (more.— A. K.) four hundred million?Razvolnovalis, Vladimir Putin swallowed some words are optional now.— Mr President, the firm said Alexey Tsydenov, we still have an old building renovation, it to the left.It seems even that just left.The President gave the floor to Julian Henry Lowenfeld, “who dedicated his life to translations of works of Alexander Pushkin into English”. Not so long ago, he received Russian citizenship, in his case, even more logical than in the case with Steven Seagal and, do not be afraid this word, Gerard Depardieu.And who really likes, among other things, Pushkin: Pushkin and special, he’s bright, he’s kind, he’s still succinct, easy… for instance, some people have no time to read “War and peace”, “Crime and punishment”, “Karamazov Brothers”…But “tales of Belkin” — very easy! Within half an hour, you can read “the peasant Girl”, and there is Russia, and there her kindness! Impossible, really impossible not to love Russia, if you love Pushkin! I can tell you my life because my dad was an adviser to the state Department, adviser to two presidents! I’m in school believed that Russia — the evil Empire, and feared that to be the Soviet strike missiles in the Bronx and so on.The Pope influenced the consciousness of not only his son, but seems to be presidents.— I really thought so until I met him (with the work of Pushkin.— A. K.)…— continued Julian Henry Lowenfeld.— You know, not mind, not politics, I had a change of heart, and it is through language, through music, through literature, through wonderful films and above all do through Pushkin! In General, as I said, can I help you? I’m ready for anything!Mr. Lowenfeld on all grounds and he could be a good adviser to Vladimir Putin. He says:— I want to say: things will work out and even until 2024 (it is already possible to take no thought.— A. K.)! It is possible and inexpensive! A lot of simply stunning and beautiful, and it will unite you know! “When the peoples quarrels forgotten, in the great family come together,” said Pushkin. And it will, a little properly need state support — and everything will be fine, I promise, I promise!— As for your comment about the fact that it is inexpensive, I think what you have to offer to promote Russian culture, Russian language and heritage of Pushkin, the money we have is enough— felt it his duty to inform the President— despite the fall in oil prices. Moreover, they, these prices are already rising.It is the first time after the decision on production cuts by OPEC+ said it out loud, and with great satisfaction.Unexpected was the recognition of the artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev on the occasion of a pandemic:— Thank God, we were preparing for this unexpected test of fate for a long time. We do not wanteating to pass through a period of quarantine, we were just off his best performances, and today we have about 74 million views! This is a big number for any theatre or Museum in the world, but she is already me now, because every day You knew it would be a pandemic? Knew in advance? — shocked, it seemed to me, took him Vladimir Putin.Valery Gergiev should seem more often to attract more serious prognosis.— Mr President, I have not told anyone, even more recently, silent… sigh Valery Gergiev.He came over to me, truly tormenting him. He asked about the tour to the Mariinsky theatre. He asked about what deprived of all his colleagues. He asked the way, might never have asked:— if you look at what happened now in new York, has until January 1, the Metropolitan Opera cancelled all performances! This terrible ordeal for any team. If you have a “real” (Madrid) or, say, “Zenit” (St. Petersburg) and seven months, the athletes will train, and then we’ll say: “Guys, we have such a world championship held, brilliantly organized”… But it can not be a ballerina to save the form, not can good to keep in mind the Opera at five or six languages, which are sung by heart, in costumes, and even acting! This is only done by constant training, rehearsal process. I know we go through this ordeal in the end and soak it. But in what form we come to the opening?Valery Gergiev wanted to hold the festival “White nights”. That is, now, in June. Let it be even to some extent unusual, let’s all together it will go. We go through at least 10-12 regions of Russia, and, believe me, we are waiting for 30, maybe regions.Valery Gergiev said not less than quarter of an hour, but not all arguments have been exhausted:— Vladimir Vladimirovich, you won’t believe, but insistently call the Italians, my colleagues, Riccardo Muti, the famous conductor, they want and almost demand to hold the festival in late June in Italy! After all, Italy suffered terribly, we know the numbers that was! Sorry, we were not able to leave a little blood from this test, but still I applaud the efforts of my colleagues, by the way, with legendary names!To argue it was all impossible:— I know that Anna Netrebko is, we call each other very often, asks: “what are we? Can we to do something?” I said, “Yes, we are still with you in Krasnodar something let’s do it!” Her dad lives in Krasnodar!About the reaction of Anna Netrebko at Royal offer Valery Gergiev silent.Admission of special feelings for Valery Gergiev, Vladimir Putin said, among those cruel words:— We all want all of our teams… of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky… all started to work fully and as quickly as possible. You mentioned the figures of art��VA, about the singers, our wonderful ballet dancers. But to the singer to sing, it needs to breathe, and the lung 75-80 percent it is very difficult… After today come what may for a week or two, lose efficiency and profession for the rest of my life would be very sad, and maybe even that would be a tragedy for the individual artists.But not all of course. For some, a relief, frankly.— Nevertheless it is necessary to go,— the President continued.— But the faster we’ll get to that, the more we will be disciplined in carrying out those activities that are necessary to get rid of this infection — coronavirus infection. But the thing that is going to ensure that we come out of this gradually…After that Vladimir Putin has found an occasion to speak about the attitude of Russia in the world:— about touring abroad. You are invited to the Italians. I’ll be happy if you go to Italy, but they just announced it. All other European countries are closed to Russian citizens and no one is allowed. Came — and back directly from the border have been sent back and all. The same applies to the United States. And it’s not a profession! Just citizens of Russia abroad today are not allowed, except in some extraordinary cases, which have to negotiate separately.But something and to Russia itself is not very happy now admits foreigners.But the planes between the fly. Once a week, but almost all European capitals.— You can probably with your team to negotiate separately, because you have an outstanding team, he is welcome everywhere around the world. Let’s calm together to work on this. And if singers still possible to create social distance, in the hall, you can create social distance, for ballet — no. There is some distance?That is, only in Italy. “White nights” — no. And tour in Russia.The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova dispelled, it seemed, the last illusions:— Like I said, we very much hope that we will be able to start a new season is usually mid-September. It is our present hope, and she will be confident only when we reach certain numbers. All spelled out, we know: the first stage, second stage, third stage — how should we decrease in the General population to allow a particular activity… So a specific time today I can not name. And we also looked at international experience: while there are no such decisions in any country of the world.And yet despite the relentlessness they with Valery Gergiev at the request of Vladimir Putin in the end suddenly agreed to meet and to consider in a special manner.That’s how it happens.Because Valery Gergiev will say nothing.Especially if you will be speaking for half an hour.