Food Trends can be based on pretty much every Argument: the special ingredients of sustainability and ethics to the color. In the Purple Food, many of these arguments are United.

The purple coloring of the food suggests a high anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are supposed to be very healthy and good for cardiovascular diseases and dementia. They are also anti-inflammatory and contain a lot of Vitamin C and potassium.

Also on the plate can have Purple look. These five purple foods are particularly tasty:

1. Beetroot

The earthy vegetables is an all-rounder. Both raw and boiled beetroot have a unique taste and works well in salads or roasted vegetables. To Dye the pasta dough, you can use the local and throughout the year-available vegetables.

2. Purple potatoes

Purple potatoes have a special, nutty taste. A very good taste out of the oven.

3. Red cabbage

red cabbage is especially rich in anthocyanins. In a salad, or briefly sautéed the vegetables taste especially good.

4. Blueberry

The highest anthocyanin share of blue berries. In addition, Black currants contain berries, blackberries, and prunes the healthy dye.

5. Purple carrots

Red carrots are not only very beautiful, they also taste very good – and they contain anthocyanins. (gup)

Black rice, Beluga lentils and Ur-carrots taste good and make the food visually to something Extraordinary.

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