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The plinger in a message on the phone. Purple be chuckling a bit and renders the content: the Bingo is cancelled. Not unexpected. Because of koronaviruset and the fear that contagion to spread more than it already does – and take the life of the people.

There are people on the Lillas of age are the most susceptible to die of the virus.

Sjubarnsmoren and the widow from the Alta the age of 89 years in February. She is vigorous, both in the head and in the body. She lives at home, create waffles to your grandson when they are visiting, is in the local kvenforeningen and playing bingo.

Not now, when.

Now listen, she to the government regulations for how to behave in these koronatidene. She has been inside his house since Thursday when the whole of the Uk was put on hold.

She thinks those who go on a cabin, drinking utepils and breaks karantenereglene is dull.

– You don’t challenge fate.

at the same time think she it is disturbing that the entire society has to stop to rescue those who are in one of the b vaccination programs. People like her.

Karen Lillian “Purple” Heitmann believes the government soon should invalidate some of the most stringent restriction that is imposed on the Norwegian society.

Photo: Gyda Katrine Hesla / NRK Virus and death

A number of pandemics have ravaged the world in the past 100 years.

died of Spanish flu, which appeared in 1918, took the lives of between 50 and 100 million people.

The next three pandemiene has been taking place in Lillas life:

Asiasyken came in 1957, and in Norway died 837 people of the disease. In the whole world died between 1 and 2 million people.

Hongkongsyken came in 1968. In Norway died between 400 and 800 people. About one million people died worldwide.

the Next big global flu was svineinfluensaen, which came in 2009. The outbreak started in Mexico, and after 120 days was over 260 000 infected.

To the end was somewhere between 11 and 21 per cent of the world’s population infected by the virus. But despite a large number of the infected, was the mortality rate of the virus 0.02 percent. Something you consider as a normal sesonginfluensa.

Purple got to know two of these diseases closely on the body.

died of Spanish flu is considered one of the worst pandemics. 15,000 people died of the disease in Norway.

Photo: Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health & Medicine Aunt Magna died

in the Autumn of 1957 was mild in Finnmark. It was not yet snow out when people started to get sick of asiasyken, which had their origin in China.

Purple was 28 years old and had just born his fourth child when she was infected by the virus.

her Husband Bill was away at work, and she had to clear herself as best she could alone. It was tough. She got a high fever, and head hurts, pain in the body. As a flu, only worse.

Bryllupsbilde of Purple and her husband Bill.

There were many who were sick, but it was not set in motion any smitteverntiltak the time.

– no, no, No, I can’t remember that there was something. It was just to stay inside and be healthy again. Something else was there, ” says Purple.

Lillas aunt, Magna, who was in his sixties and had a bad heart, died as a result of the disease.

my Daughter Oddny was really sick. She got ear infection as a way ettersykdom after asiasyken, tells Purple. Many were so knocked out of the dread ‘flu,’ that they had other diseases as they began to heal.

But that Purple was afraid, for herself or the small children, she can not remember.

– But don’t take me as an example then, because I like not being so easily scared, ” she says.

” I don’t like being so fast scared, say Purple.

Photo: Gyda Katrine Hesla / NRK Infection-bomb-bread

In 1968 was Purple 39 years and had seven children, when she was knocked out of the next pandemic; hongkongsyken. It felt like the last: as an additional hard flu.

Five of her children were boys, and they ate a lot. Purple recalls that she was standing over bakebollen and looked down at the fists that kneaded and kneaded a bread dough.

the Kids had to have food, no matter how sick I was.

She thought to herself, almost tragicomic: “Preserve me well how much bacteria there must be in this dough!”

But the loaves were cooked, and eaten, and I don’t even know if the children were sick.

Struck not the old hardest

The last 30 years have Purple taken the influenza vaccine every autumn, and has not been sick since. A bit pjusk and forkjøla occasionally, but not really like that knocked-out-and-lie-in-bed-sick.

When svineinfluensaen came to us, chose Purple to not take the vaccine. She thought:

– I have had a lot of diseases that I’ve become immune.

Ørjan Olsvik, a professor of microbiology at the University of Tromsø, tells us that she actually has a little bit right.

Those who got the swine flu and who had already undergone hongkongsyken, received namely a very mild course of the disease.

Also on mortality, we saw that those who had had hongkongsyken was not as hard hit as the young people who were infected by the svineinfluensaen.

Usually tend to 80 percent of those who die of an influenza virus to be over 60 years old. Here was the exact opposite. It was only 20 per cent of those who died, who was over 60.

Professor of microbiology, Ørjan Olsvik, says that it does not help to go around to be afraid of koronaviruset. – But if people are sick and poor, they must be quick to contact the health care system.

Photo: Tonje Hareland / NRK Not the flu

Now struggling with koronaviruset, but it is not a flu.

It is about like comparing a dog with a donkey, tells virusforsker Ørjan Olsvik.

– They are totally different, and they do not provide any kryssimmunitet to have had a influensasykdom.

the World has seen two other scary koronavirus prior to the sars-cov-19, which we are struggling with now.

First of sars, which caused a global epidemic in 2002-2003. The epidemic started in Southern China and spread among the other to hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada. Approximately 3000 people died.

– the Virus is so very disgusting. Almost 10 percent of those who got the disease died, ” says Olsvik.

the Next koronavirus, mers, came in 2015. The virus originated in Saudi Arabia. In less than 3000 cases are reported according to the WHO. A little over a third of those infected died as a result of the disease.

Getty images is Requesting that the community comes to a halt

– you Know what I think? ask Purple rhetorically.

” I think not, the authorities will hold on as long as stringent rules as we have now. Ok, it was fine with the 14 days. But the whole society is of course the resolution!

She is grateful that they have a policy where you take care of the people in the b vaccination programs. But at one time or another must pause on Norway is cancelled, she believes.

Purple points out that people are unemployed, and that we can’t yet see all of the economic consequences of stillstanden.

” I think not the government should be so strict as much anymore. I don’t think it is so dangerous if young people are sick, they manage themselves. They have always done.

the Walls of the house to the Purple is full of images and memories from a long and rich life.

Photo: Gyda Katrine Hesla / NRK Not afraid to die

As children in the small village Tverrelvdalen in Alta experienced the Purple to see nabogutten die because of tuberculosis.

When the Purple was 13 years old, fled with her family to the mountains to hide for the germans. She had a long nightmare about the armed soldiers who searched for them, found them and forced them to flee from the hjemfylket.

the Winter of 1944, she was tvangsevakuert from a burning Finnmark.

Now, there is a new threat that affects the everyday life of people, the world over.

Many in Lillas generation is afraid of the virus, which takes life, also in Norway. Not Purple.

– I’m 89 years old, so I’m in the danger zone. It is the age they have been in, those who have died. But I’m not afraid.

– Die, we shall all along. And I have lived a long and good life. As it is I am not afraid to die at all. As much as I have experienced!

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