First, one is sobered somewhat. You paid 249 CHF for a Speaker. And then the StreamR of Pure is only as large as two fists. And with this small box you should now hear the Radio? In addition, the outside is still rather inelegant, a rubber antenna, down the winding but well around.

But the antenna makes a lot of sense, if you want to listen to the Radio over FM or digital DAB+. And these are the most important skills of the speaker. Is started the StreamR in the press once firmly on the top of the gadget. This POPs out now and a black Band around the Speaker is visible. A part of the screen, the other is just shiny black.

This looks chic, especially because the whole upper edge of the LEDs are illuminated, see the different things. At the outlet, in green, for example, how much of the battery it was already charged. The volume adjustment in the white mind, how loud you could crank up the volume.

About 130 of the transmitter at the push of a button – and with a great Sound

Hardly started, you can start a search on DAB+ and the available radio stations to play. And the are now over 130 different programs – significantly more than it used to be on the air. Who wants to or no DAB reception, you can hear the StreamR also, as usual, FM.

The advantage of DAB+ is used in the Pure-Radio full. Because you have reception, there is no noise, no interference, just music full of quality. And the speaker of the small Box is excellent. Hard to believe, sounds a so compact device well. Full Bass and amazing volume without the need for any rattles or the highs are covered. Especially important in the case of a radio device: voices sound clear and are easy to understand.

The StreamR can easily. the kitchen with sound, and also makes a as a Radio on the bedside table a good figure A pity only, there is directly no alarm clock function. What is also missing is Radio over the Internet. However, it is possible to connect his mobile phone easily via Bluetooth and music from streaming services or Internet Radio providers play.

For the English manufacturer Pure has many other practical Features – and the really clever. It attracts about the tip of the antenna cable, is this the plug that you can use for any audio device. So music is about from the old Discman to play.

No Wi-Fi, but the battery for 15 hours

On the four corners of the touch surface, the four favourite stations can be saved. Simply long-pressing on it and already has one associated with the current program one of the four colors. Thanks to the proximity sensor this lights when you reach out to the controls. The rest of the Touch buttons for volume, station selection and switching between the different functions can be very good to use.

A nice Bonus is that the StreamR via USB can be stationary to operate, it also has a built-in battery, which provides nearly 15 hours of music enjoyment on the go. Since the Speaker is very compact, you can take him to a good time on the balcony or a picnic. A separate Bluetooth Speaker, you no longer need to even be there.

finally, it is also built the same Amazon Alexa. With the voice control, News, weather reports and many more functions can be queries. However, only if the speaker has a connection to the mobile phone and the appropriate App. Alone on the Internet he can not. The Problem is in Switzerland that the Alexa App is available in Store and only on detours can be loaded.

The good Sound, many functions, long battery life and clever Features to justify the rather high price of the Pure StreamR. The small speaker provides almost everything you would want from a modern Radio.