The new special representative of the President of the United States arms control Marshall Billingsley spoke at the Washington-based Hudson Institute, with a keynote speech, from which it became clear that working with him Moscow will not be easy. He has put forward to address the charges of violation of “almost all” agreements in the field of arms control, lowering the threshold of applicability of nuclear weapons and the development of “mobile Chernobyls”. Mr. Billingsley presented Moscow two requirements: to bring China to the negotiating table and destroy tactical nuclear weapons. And warned that the arms race with the US will bankrupt Russia. “Kommersant” has asked his Russian counterpart, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the comment sounded.Marshall Billingsley special representative of the President for arms control began in early April, and recently Donald trump has made his candidacy for the post of under Secretary for arms control and international security. The Senate in its new position has not yet adopted, however, apparently, it is considered by the US administration as the chief negotiator with Russia.May 8, Billingsley Marshall held the first telephone conversation with Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, who oversees the foreign Ministry, among other things, questions of arms control. His Russian counterpart, American officials have mentioned many times in the course of the keynote speech at the Hudson Institute.Onlinenatural Billingsley said he was “sad that Russia has made with the international system of arms control”. “The Russians systematically violated almost all political or legal agreement, participants of which were,” he said, outlining, so your first accusation against Moscow. According to him, Russia broke the Treaty of elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles, failed to comply with the Presidential initiatives of 1991/1992 used “Newbie” in contravention of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons led to the collapse of agreements on conventional arms control in Europe. “Bilateral and multilateral architecture of arms control suffered a lot of very, very serious attacks from Russia,— he continued.— Many doubt that Russia can be a reliable partner in the sphere of arms control. But we are optimists and believe that with the tightening of the monitoring regime can be expected that Russia will comply with future agreements.”Sergey Ryabkov — “Kommersant”: “It is the US is a serial violator of international treaties and obligations in the sphere of arms control (and not only in this area). We note from year to year. Moreover, their breaches affect both the UN Charter and the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear��about arms and many other agreements of different scale and nature, including such topics as the failure properly to provide for the ratification of the Treaty on the comprehensive prohibition of nuclear weapons, and more. We are talking about it constantly can all these materials are easy to find on the foreign Ministry website, the American colleagues are well aware of this.We will engage in dialogue with the US on arms control, understanding its importance and realizing its responsibility, but will do so based solely on considerations of their own safety. There can be no question of unilateral concessions by Russia. No political declarations and commitments do not provide an adequate level of confidence that can make US. And contracts-the way we see the fate of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range and the open skies Treaty, become a victim of the American political voluntarism. So all these arrangements, the future must be verifiable.Another absolute criterion of our approach to arms control is the principle according to which agreements that may be developed in the future, should be based on explicit voluntary consent of the parties. I mean, of course, the use of such agreements to third countries.”Second, Marshall Billingsley has accused Russia of making “highly provocative” nuclear doctrine. “It means the early escalation and the use of nuclear weapons in the framework of what the Russian military is called “the escalation for the sake of winning”,” said the emissary of the American President. In English it sounded like escalate to win.”In the spirit of this dangerous thinking Russia is modernizing nobody pent Arsenal, which includes thousands of so-called non-strategic nuclear weapons, not covered by any agreements,” said Marshall Billingsley. He accused Russia of regular military exercises, which worked through the use of tactical nuclear weapons against NATO’s European members. The US, according to him, did not consider it necessary to share nuclear weapons on strategic and non-strategic (tactical). “This artificial separation of thinking of the sample of the cold war— said Mr. Billingsley.— We are convinced that any use of nuclear weapons would have strategic implications. We believe that sharing nuclear weapons can only be ridden on contracts and are not covered, and call to put all arsenals under contractual control.”Sergey Ryabkov — “Kommersant”: “In fact, the US credited to us emerging with their own concept about the possibility to win in a nuclear war. We, however, strongly oppose this approach. But neither ��SHA, nor its closest allies with nuclear weapons, unfortunately, are not ready pereotsenit well-known formula of the 1980s years that a nuclear war cannot be won and it never should be unleashed that he has repeatedly proposed. This is a worrying indicator of how evolyutsioniruet strategic thinking of our partners.”The third charge Marshall Billingsley touched on the latest Russian developments in the military sphere, represented by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018. He called them “exotic scientific projects.” He added: “I don’t understand why they need a mobile Chernobyl. They already had serious ecological disaster with that thing”. The special representative did not specify what kind of development of Russian speech, but informed his colleagues gave such characteristics of a cruise missile with a nuclear power plant “Burevestnik”. Mention the environmental disaster, he clearly has in mind last year’s accident under the Severodvinsk, which led to several deaths and increased background radiation. The Russian defense Ministry then stated that the cause of the incident was the explosion of a liquid rocket engine. The US authorities have put forward the version that the incident occurred during testing of the Thunderbird.Marshall Billingsley urged Russia not to invest in the development of new weapons. “I think that there are Russian where to spend their money instead. They desperately need to carry out pension reform. But if they want to flush your money into the sewer, then let him do so,” said Mr. Billingsley.Sergey Ryabkov — “b”: “Americans love to count money in foreign pockets. Not really able to vary the terminology. We first here this feature of our new system (“mobile Chernobyl”.— “Y”) heard from (assistant Secretary of state.— “Kommersant”), Christopher Ford, and for a long time, and now they repeat it. It’s just undignified.Our advanced systems of weapons are created, time will be completed the cycles of their testing, and they will be put into service. The reason for this unilateral withdrawal in 2002 of the United States from the ABM Treaty. The US government then carried out an extremely irresponsible step, breaking absolutely ineluctable and objective relationship between strategic offensive and strategic defensive arms. The administration of George W. Bush withdrew from the ABM Treaty in spite of all the efforts we made to save it. In the end, the Americans got what they got.Let them not care about any circumstances related to how and to what extent will be financed by our program. If they want to negotiate, the path is open. A condition of our willingness obsujdats promising types (weapons.— “B”) is the consent of the United States with a substantive discussion of our concerns. And they are connected with the American missile defense system, acquiring a global character, the prospects of elimination of shock weapons in space, the development of conventional global strike systems and a range of other factors that directly affect strategic stability. We will continue to firmly adhere to the observance of very tight balance of interests of all potential agreements with the United States if they are possible in principle. The core of this approach, its logical basis is the inextricable linkage between strategic offensive and strategic defensive arms”.Have trebovaniyami Marshall Billingsley in Russia and a number of requirements. First, he repeated several times that “Russia should help the United States to bring China to the negotiating table” to work out a tripartite agreement in the field of arms control. It is, according to the representative of the state Department, should replace the expiring in 2021, a bilateral Russian-American Treaty on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (SNV-3). Marshall Billingsley said during a telephone conversation with Sergei Ryabkov, he “absolutely made it clear that the United States in this regard, expect Russia.” “It should help us to engage China in this process,” said the emissary of Donald trump.However, he several times referred to the public statements of Sergey Ryabkov about the importance of the participation agreements in the field of arms control after the expiration of the start-3. “A couple of years ago, Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia and the United States cannot continue to disarm while other countries are increasing their potential. My colleague said that to make multilateral nuclear disarmament is a priority. It was absolutely true then and is even more important today,” said Marshall Billingsley.According to him, he agreed with his Russian counterpart about the imminent personal meeting, the agenda of which is being decided now. “I’m sure the Deputy Minister Ryabkov understands that we remind him about his claims that following the agreement after the start-3 should be multilateral. I hope that he will act in accordance with his own words. Russia must help us to bring China to the negotiating table”,— reiterated the American negotiator.Thus the question of the moderator, than the United States itself could be of interest to China, Marshall Billingsley said: “I’m not so interested in what China wants, but in the fact that he is obliged to do.”To the question about the probability of extension start-3 for another five years without the consent of China to these negotiations Marshall Billingsley respECAT did not: “Oh my God, I’m not going to speculate about it at this early period of the negotiations. We have time to consider all options”. Recall that the start-3 expires on 5 February 2021, but may be by agreement extended for five years. Russia supports the renewal of the USA have not decided yet.Marshall Billingsley expressed the opinion that “Russian is very necessary extension of the start-3”, and noted that he “would like to be in the place of the Deputy Minister Ryabkov”, which have to convince the US to agree on the renewal of the Treaty with “many disadvantages”. However, he used a figurative expression to be in his shoes.Sergey Ryabkov — “y”: “as for the statements about connecting to the negotiations of third parties, we don’t owe anyone anything. It’s not the modality, not the verb, which here is applicable in principle. The position of the people’s Republic of China has stated repeatedly, she is all too aware of. To pull the chestnuts out of the fire for the Americans, we will not. We have a strategic partnership with China, we appreciate him. In conditions when the USA, in fact, the inability of a partner, a destroyer of the architecture of the entire system of arms control as we can for the sake of ephemeral advantages and benefits to build some kind of intrigue in this field?It’s undignified, incorrectly, that we are not going to do that.With regard to multilateral arrangements. I talked about this not only a few years ago, I’m talking about. American colleagues I am always moved by his ability to pull of what they say, only what they like. And that they don’t like, they are either silent, or misinterpret it. There is an English word misinformation. It is somewhat weaker than disinformation. It is the spreading of half-truths, deliberate concealment of the information. The United States is doing this.I have said and continue to say, and we have formally brought this item to everyone, at least until all members of the “nuclear five”, which after reaching an agreement on start-3 we come to the point when the potential of further agreements in the sphere of control of missile and nuclear weapons must consider the potential possessed by all nuclear powers. This can only be done through dialogue, consultations and negotiations in a multilateral format.In Washington know very well that our priority in the discussion of this subject is to connect to the negotiations of America’s closest allies in NATO, nuclear weapons— the UK and France. Britain and France are well aware of our position, but reluctant to engage with them, to put it mildly, no. Well, back to what I said just above, namely, that any new negotiations are possible only on the basis of clear, voluntary consent of all parties intake part in them. This applies to the UK and to France and to China.I emphasize: China it applies fully. We respect and understand his position (the Chinese authorities have repeatedly expressed reluctance to enter into negotiations with the United States on arms control.— “Kommersant”). In our opinion the best way forward is the extension of the agreement between Russia with the United States in the form as it is signed and exists without conditions for a five year term. As for worries about my shoes… I certainly appreciate this touching concern, but, in principle, no can do”.The second requirement of Marshall Billingsley were the unilateral parallel initiatives of presidents of the USA, the USSR and Russia of 1991-1992, but rather they contained voluntary commitments on the decommissioning of the and reduction of a significant part of non-strategic nuclear weapons. “We want Russia stuck to promised cuts missile systems of theater of military operations, including the elimination of all nuclear warheads for ground-based tactical systems,” he said.Sergey Ryabkov — “Kommersant”: “the Presidential initiative Russia fully implemented. Three quarters reduced the number of nonstrategic nuclear warheads, all of these weapons shown on Russian national territory.The United States, meanwhile, retain the significant potential of non-strategic nuclear weapons close to Russian borders.And now at the level of their ambassadors provocative claim that this potential can be rests closer to Russia. I mean, of course, the controversial statements of US ambassadors in Warsaw and Berlin. It is the policy of pressure, blackmail, the continuation of the confrontational course.For the purposes of normalization and translation of the discussion in a more peaceful direction USA to start should be to withdraw from Europe its nonstrategic nuclear weapons, to return it to its territory and thus to ensure the implementation by Washington and its allies, which are non-nuclear States within the meaning of the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, the full implementation of its basic key items. And, they recall, among other things, prohibit the transfer of control over nuclear weapons to non-nuclear States”.Preduprezhdeniya Billingsley warned that, if Russia and China agree to agree on arms control at the US conditions will the arms race, in which they cannot win. “We know how to win such a race. We know how to force opponents to go broke. And if we have to do this, we will not falter” he said.Sergei Ryabkov urged the U.S. to look in your pocket, and added that Russia is without their care will cost.Elena Chernenko