The popular tv host has got a teepee in his garden, where she also started construction of a flowery meadow.

the Tv host Puk artists easter exhibition is udemenneske with large d, and she plans to be outside in the easter – so much so, that coronasituationen allow it.

When she is not at work, she sit in her new teepee in the garden – and maybe rediscover his creative talents.

What you need to make at easter, and who will you be with?

– I must work. We send “Go’ Morgen Danmark”, and I have never actually free in the holidays. Throughout my holiday in the summer. My girlfriend should also work, so easter looks like everyday life with us.

What are you doing outdoors?

– I’ve got a large tipi in the garden, should I be in. I always sleep outside from april to about november. And then I started with my very first bed in the garden. I should make a meadow of flowers. I have not sense, but now I’m trying.

What are you doing indoors?

– I must not be very much inside. I am the most out. Always. And now when I sleep out, I am actually not quite sure what I’m doing inside.

you Have thrown you over some new projects while you have been at home?

– I have worked twice as much, as I wont be here during the coronakrisen, so it is not been to the new creative pages. But I’d like to resume some of the creative things, I made a time. I’m actually a good cartoonist, and I have also made a number of ceramics. Now we need to see if it could be something I could throw myself over, if this continues.

What do you do in general to keep the spirits up?

– My mood is okay. I am confused as so many others. All of the information pouring out to us all the time, is difficult to navigate in. I think a lot of all of the people who are affected. I know a lot who see their life’s work crumble.

What is the first thing you will do when the world looks normal again?

– So I will pop a bottle of champagne at Kayak Bar in Copenhagen. It is my favorite spot in the city. I will invite my friends, and then we sit in the sun and look at the water and hold hands.