Perhaps no one has ever discussed before Eurovision so passionately stood up for this artist and wish him the trip to the contest! Little fat man with a bushy red beard and very funny and intricate tumbled and danced in the corner of the scenes in the video Uno. It is hilarious trying to do the splits, then a parody danced. And foreign viewers with a portal, the Line of Best Fit called it dances in Uno “crazy and hilarious”.

Photo: Little Big/ “Eurovision-2020” is under threat of collapse due to coronavirus

But then suddenly it was announced that dancer from Zarinsk, so popular with viewers in Rotterdam will not go. The reason was simple: during a performance of the song on “Eurovision” on the stage may be no more than six people. Four is the band members themselves. Two they invited: the frontman of The Hatters Yury Muzychenko and backing vocalist of “Leningrad” Florida Chanturia… Dmitry Krasilov was “the seventh” extra…

Yes, all participants of Little Big was artistic, but by the second minute it seemed the scene is totally predictable. But “Pugles from the Altai” has continued to make a clip Uno irrepressible enthusiasm, spontaneity and ability to surprise.

And the audience even staged a rally in support of low dancer weighing over 100 pounds! Gave him more than 6 thousand likes in Instagram gathered more than seven thousand signatures in his support on the platform Subdued.

helped – now Dmitry Krasilov also preparing for a trip to Rotterdam! Who will be the “seventh wheel”, Little Big yet not misleading.

The first was a bannerexit Dmitry Krasilov

“Pugles from the Altai” became known two years ago, thanks to the participation in the fourth season of “Dancing” on TNT.

Since then, thanks to the bright texture and artistry, starred in the TV series “Univer. The new dormitory”, “I” and “Latest rave” and in the episode film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Invasion”. In his spare time leads the WHC in his hometown. Has nicknames: the Emperor Wagga and the Main Dwarf.