In reality, the Playoffs are like the Coronavirus victim. However, VIEWS aside, the reality for once. And lets the players and Teams are fictional but the title fight. Hockey expert Dino Kessler writes round for round, as it would have been if the Virus had not in-between transmitted and crowns in the end true to the unique, if fictitious, Switzerland master in 2020.
Now: round 4 of the quarter-finals. On Wednesday: Round 5.

Lugano – ZSC Lions 2:1 n. V. (1:3)

A spectacle with a happy ending. But, how intense the Hangover will be? Paul DiPietro sets the wheels in motion, assemble all the storm lines and the defense pairs new: “Sometimes you have to experiment.” It is a for friend and enemy completely unpredictable Mix of the leaves in combination with a strength-sapping 3-man Forechecking in the previously stylish ZSC Lions tracks arises. But how long Lugano can keep this Pace? According To Fazzini’s Opening Goal (16. Game minute) pulls together ZSC-Coach Grönborg, the team, and prescribed, ordered defensive positions. The Ticino retain the upper hand, but have to Dodge more on the wing and lose a bit of momentum. A tactical masterstroke – but against the free-flowing emotions of the Ticino, on this evening no prescription. In the 71st minute. Game minute away Bertaggia according to a position error in the Zurich defence, and destroys Flüeler with a hocheck shot.

Fribourg, Switzerland – EV Zug 1:4 (1:3)

Gottéron with his back to the wall. But how to crack this ECC? Christian Dubé waived in accordance with the 1:6 on Saturday in the train on the Department of the attack and in the fourth game again closely and conservatively to defend it. So you get less goals against, but it is far from a Surprise. The Crux of the matter: In the controlled mode, the train is not upset to, in the forward gear you get caught cold. Now it’s just hocus-pocus remains: Trainer-consultant, Sean Simpson has called for the purchase of logs to be placed as of Wednesday, the game Bank. With this Trick Simpson 2007 had turned as a coach at EVZ a series against the SCRJ Lakers after being 0:3 behind. The Problem? The EVZ is not Rapperswil. Simpson: “It is what it is.”

Lausanne – Davos 2:1 (2:2)

After two Games with tough defensive bandages, one wants to return to the wild parts of the first two rounds. With 20 Goals. And now? Just four from the next two Games. Lausanne survives in the final section, a violent pressure phase with a bit of luck, two Times it rings behind Tobias Stephan on the boom, once a defender Genazzi can scrape a Puck just out of the line. A bit of luck, Lausanne has also, because of the ground-breaking hit Vermins is highly controversial. The striker from faking a shot big man, about five meters in front of the gate untenable – his stock shovel is, however, in a suspicious height. The referee stare for minutes on the Monitor, but do not overturn the decision on the ice (“gate”) to. HCD-Trainer Wohlwend: “A joke. Has touched with his stick, almost the lamps.”

Biel – Servette 3:1 (3:1)

The EHC Biel turns onto the finish straight and takes a lot of momentum from the last curve. After the (necessary) course correction by the arbitrator, the focus is on in-game resources, mobility, sophistication and a wealth of ideas. With slight advantages for Biel. Since the heavy defeat in the opening match, in Geneva (1:4) has Antti pressed Törmänen the right buttons and his team to three Wins in a row on the podium. Leading the way: The Geneva defenders get no more time to play your build-up passes through the middle. However, the Trainer needs to develop Emond very quickly (immediately) an antidote.