In reality, the Playoffs are like the Coronavirus victim. However, VIEWS aside, the reality for once. And lets the players and Teams are fictional but the title fight. Hockey expert Dino Kessler writes round for round, as it would have been if the Virus had not in-between transmitted and crowns in the end true to the unique, if fictitious, Switzerland master in 2020.
Now: round 3, the quarter-finals. On Monday: Round Of 4.

Zurich – Lugano is 5:0 (3:0)

On the slow-burner of a fireman Serge Pelletier (“We have found the rhythm to be late”) one can, after the third game. Lugano can’t find him this time. Shortly after the game, President Vicky Mantegazza occurs before the press and announced that assistant coach Paul DiPietro takes over the team for the (probably short) Rest of the season. Pelle tiers Lugano was shattered after the Derby Defeat to the completion of the qualification in individual parts. Zurich plays like a cast, but at least one upright Competition may be expected from the opponent. DiPietros Lugano has to now win four games in a row against the ZSC Lions. As a first measure, DiPietro emphasizes the training behind closed doors: “We have nothing to hide.” True. But with a little more passion you can give the long-suffering Tifosi, maybe even a victory.

Davos – Lausanne 1:0 (2:1)

in 2007, wins Davos the title against SC Bern. In the decisive game of striker Robin Leblanc scored the only goal. A game without a space, with fierce battles. The hit falls after a standard situation: Bully, target. Game three between Davos and Lausanne, a blueprint of this game. The Teams have folded after two wild Games the switch, capricious on the very down-to-earth. Statements are suddenly scarce, for it is a fight to the finish in all four corners of the pitch dogged to space. The Goalkeeper? Fabulous. HCD-Aeschlimann can be a trace of happy, because his team loses virtually no face-Offs. Lausanne, Switzerland, Jeffrey loses such a face-off in the 51. Minute of the game against Lindgren, Lausanne Goalie Stephan sees the Nygren fired a Puck only when he is coasting backwards out of the gate past him. Bully, Goal.

Zug – Fribourg 6:1 (2:1)

chutzpah he has, of course, this Dubé. For game three of the Gottéron-Trainer relies on four foreign striker. “To give the team the Signal to attack.” Is courageous the. Brave. And a challenge to train. The favorite has to be careful suddenly in the own Zone, you must focus a lot more effort to get rid of the pressure. The ECC copes with it with instinctive certainty. As to the cord, the structure is pulled with great force through the middle, or swing about the wing – train always finds a way into the attacking zone. The EVZ is not plays out more transactions than in Fribourg, but in the better positions. With five different scorers can recommend Martschini with a Doublette. Dubé has not failed with his courage – the ECC is not easy to bring off the track.

Servette – Biel-Bienne 2:4 (1:2)

Before the game has taken referee-in-chief Andreas Fischer, the two coaches Emond and Törmänen in the defect. “So it goes no further, gentlemen!” True. Much too brutal. However, even the crackle is gone. And that is a shame. Biel is in regular operation as a tempo more solid and stylish than the West Swiss. Especially Damien Brunner is benefiting from space and time in the Excess, he has in all the Bieler goal in the floor in the game. Servette-Coach Edmond presents to the game the right question: “Why is the referee not just on the ice? The chief should be Right to stay out of it…”. What fishing permit? The body is expected to be on Monday.