Published sixth series of the project

“We did not intend to fight, but we create the situation in the sphere of defense, to anybody in a head has not come to fight with us,” he said in an interview with the TACC for the “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”.

the Head of state reminded that the size of the defense budget Russia is in seventh place in the world, after the U.S., China, Saudi Arabia, UK, France and Japan. “Moreover, our costs year on year reduced, he added. – And the costs in other countries grow.”

Photo credit: TASS/ Published the fifth series of the project “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”

Putin noted that this is a unique situation, when Russia in the defense sector has ceased to be in the role of “catching up” state. “We first created the system offensive strike weapons that are not in the world, – said the President. Now they (other countries) are catching up with us. This is a unique situation, this has never happened before”.