In the sky over Rostov-on-don nearly collided two aircraft flying to Moscow and Dubai. Telegram-channel “112” has published record of negotiations of dispatchers and crews in the arisen critical situation.

As follows from the transcripts of the recordings, noting the dangerous proximity of aircraft, Russian controllers tried to warn the pilots of Emirates airlines about the conflict of trains, but they did not hear them, taking the screams in the background of negotiations.

In the cockpits of both ships worked sensors threat convergence: at this point, the distance between planes was reduced to 150 metres. Following the instructions of managers, the Russian pilots turned 50 degrees to the right and accelerated decline. The pilots of Emirates also made a turn to the side.

according to the source channel, the aircraft had to go and “do the passengers that were on the verge of death, unknown.”

In fact the incident is checked, the experts are to evaluate the actions of managers.

As reported earlier, almost crashed Airbus a-320 S7 airline flying from Rostov-on-don to Moscow, Boeing 777 Emirates carrier was headed from Oslo to Dubai.