So, the state final certification will not be considered the exam and the OGE and interim certification at the school. That is, the certificates will now give the guys without use – annual assessments that they received the results of tests, quarter, semi-annual, etc.

And now the most interesting – features of exam:

– the exam is conducted in the following subjects: Russian language, mathematics (core level), literature, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social studies, foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese), computer science and ICT.

– the exam is conducted only for admission to training on bachelor and specialist degrees in universities.

– 10-graders with students in 2020 are not.

the Participants of the exams may change (add to) the list of items and change the terms of participation in the exam. In this case, they served in the State examination Commission statements indicating the changed (extended) list of subjects for which they plan to pass the exams, and (or) modified terms of participation in the exam. Applications should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the first exam of the basic period.

– For the exam on the territory of the Russian Federation and outside it establishes a single schedule of the exam. It provides a mock exam, the main period of examinations and the backup time of the primary period, an additional period of examination and standby time extension period.

– In case of a large number of participants in the examinations in the region, was on a subject, and the impossibility of carrying out examination on him for all at a fixed date subject to sanitary-epidemiological recommendations of the State examination Board may determine for members other date of exam on the subject of the established standby time of the main period.

– Re-admitted to the exam in the backup time of the main period: participants who do not appear for a valid reason (illness or other circumstances), documented; participants who have not completed the performance of the examination work for valid reasons (illness or other circumstances); participants in the examination of the appeal which the violation of the order were met in conflict by the Commission.