Published income statement Ermak

the New head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak announced their income. On the website of the National Agency for prevention of corruption published a Declaration according to which he earned 10.4 thousand dollars in 2019. Yermak also owns an apartment in the Ukrainian capital with an area of 107.8 square meters, Toyota Camry 2015 and corporate rights in nine companies.

Cash official has 347 thousand dollars and 50 thousand euros, about a thousand dollars in national currency — in two Ukrainian banks. The Bank it needs more than fifty thousand dollars. Individuals Ermak himself lent 56,4 thousand dollars, and the debt owed to him by the company “garnet international Media Group” (99% of the corporate rights owned by Yermak) is more than 340 thousand dollars.

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has dismissed Andriy Bogdan and Ermak was appointed to the post on Tuesday. Before Ermak was the adviser of the head of state.

the electronic Declaration System introduced in Ukraine in 2016. The national Agency for prevention of corruption was established to verify the declarations. For filing false information to administrative and criminal liability.