Published data on infected today

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world reached 2 790 986. This is evidenced by data project at Johns Hopkins University.

Thus, the increase in the number of cases per day was more than 82 thousand people. Since the beginning of the pandemic died 195 920 patients, 781 382 recovered.

In the most affected by the coronavirus countries are the USA (890.5 thousand), Spain (219,8 thousand), Italy (193 thousand), France (159,5 thousand) and Germany (154,5 thousand).

In Russia since the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus has infected 68 622 people. Of them have already recovered 5568, another 615 patients died.

Yesterday, 24 April, it was reported that the criteria for admission of Russians with a coronavirus called for a review to ease the burden on the health system. In particular, it is proposed to be admitted not on formal grounds, such as a temperature of 38 degrees and respiratory failure.

We also learned about the study by Italian scientists that showed that the mortality rate of patients with coronavirus in the province of Lombardy was 1.29 percent and among people over 60 years it reached 4.25 per cent. The scientists explained that this is lower than in official statistics.