Since a year ago, the Berner justice determined against Saïda Keller-Messahli, the best known critic of Islam in Switzerland. This is because the Biel-based hate preacher Abu Ramadan has displayed the Tunisian for defamation and libel.

the trigger for the dispute is an article in “Bieler Tagblatt”, wherein the cellar-Messahli rose in September 2017 accusations against the Imam of Libya. You wrote: “On 11. and 18. November 2016, he preached in the mosque of Al-Karafi in Tripoli, to ask for God’s protection of the present Al-Qaeda and IS fighters.” As proof, the newspaper published a Screenshot of a video of the sermon.

cellar-Messahli relieved

the appearance of the cellar-Messahli came, however, in doubt. The “Bieler Tagblatt” printed even a counter-representation of the Islamist preacher. In it, he defended himself against the accusations: “This claim is false. As recordings of the sermon show, I have not made any relevant statement.” The Prosecutor’s office began to investigate the basement-Messahli.

Well, the 61 is relieved-Year-old but by the allegations. In a Letter to the Berner justice shall notify the two parties: “The public Prosecutor’s office in view, the proceedings against the accused Person.”
the cellar-Messahli is satisfied, and says: “The display of Abu Ramadan has never troubled me.”

Abu Ramadan’s legal representative, Janina Rashidi from the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS), says: “The evidence is clear and on the table.” Together with the Imam, you checks now, as against the Procedure, the procedure can be.