Chef Derek Dammann made the announcement on the Instagram account of his restaurant Maison Publique on Monday. Opened in 2012 in a discreet sector of the Plateau Mont-Royal (corner Marquette and Gilford), the welcoming restaurant will have filled the bellies of many happy guests with its never boring menu, inspired by British pub cuisine, with local sauce and of the season.

Always lively and festive, the restaurant had established a loyal following over the years, but “it’s time to listen to my instincts and end things on a high note,” the chef wrote, adding that he now wanted to devote to his family, his health and his well-being.

Hailing from Vancouver Island, Dammann has worked with none other than Jamie Oliver in London (at Fifteen); it was the star chef who had financed the opening of the restaurant at the time.

In Montreal, Damman stood out at the fire restaurant DNA and he is also one of the partners of the McKiernan Luncheonnette, since its opening in 2018.

The Public House will do its last service on September 16.