On 4. March was found The-Prodigy front man Keith Flint (†49) lifeless in his house. Later, it was clear that The singer has committed suicide. Now his Fans could take from the musician farewell: Today is a public mourning ceremony was held in the English city of Essex.

Only the family and close friends of the Flint were in the Church. For his Fans, however, were placed in the extra speakers, and you were able to follow the funeral. At the Church wall of St. Mary’s Church, many Fans laid down flowers and letters.

pastor Rod Reid said in an interview with the “Braintree And Witham Times” about the deceased: “Keith has definitely means to many people something. This is an opportunity to accompany him on this, his last journey, and to pay him respect.”

wife took leave,

pictures of flint’s show wife, how to fight with the tears. At the time of his suicide, the two were separated.

hundreds of Fans wanted to take in Essex farewell to the musicians. They gathered for a funeral March in honor of their Idols. (bnr)

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