self-confidence, friendships to build, to handle success, can move with success and failure: The everything kids learning the Sport. The Sport psychologist Erika Ruchti (43) explains what is important and what parents should pay attention to.

Because of the Sport on various levels, is good for child development and, accordingly, should be encouraged. But don’t worry, the Little joy is innate to the movement, because you do not need to do too much.

This is highly dependent on the individual development of a child. Often the entry is done in a playful way about school sports. The child is then ready to have all kinds of sports is a good choice, in which the sports Association or an Association explicitly a concept for children has developed and is in practice applied, such as, for example, in the athletics. to drive

in Common with other sports, contributes to the satisfaction of the four basic human needs: pleasure, profit, retention, orientation and increase of Self-esteem. This is for the child’s development is of great importance. But whether it happens in the club, or with friends and family, plays no role. The so-called “street football-hypothesis” States that the Learning of a sports can work just as well in the free game as in the structured, rule-bound Training. The main thing, the child has Fun and feels comfortable.

This has to do with our basic need for pleasure profit. Anyone who drives as a child with the joy of Sport, is likely to be as an adult still active in sports.

The WHO recommends for young people in the a Minimum of one hour of sports and exercise per day, in addition to the everyday activities. Children in primary school age should be considerably more.

So to simplify, I can’t say that of course. But various studies show that Sport is good for mental health. And not just for the physical.

As I realize that my child wants to get started with the Sport? How do we find a suitable sports? And how can I support my child, without pressure?

In addition, our experts, all of whom are parents, too:

Erika Ruchti (picture), a Sports psychologist at the Federal office for Sport with a specialization in children’s and sports Flavio Zberg discuss on Tuesday evening , former top athlete and head coach at Swiss Athletics Heidi Kaeslin , former top athlete, mental coach, and mother of the Kustturnlegende Ariella Kaeslin Nik Niethammer , Editor-in-chief of parents magazine Fritz+Fränzi and dad bloggers in the Swiss magazine

We know, for example, that exercise increases the oxygen consumption in the brain, which in turn promotes the concentration.

this is Also greatly simplified. But a child who moves a lot, is in the classroom with a safety record and is therefore usually more efficient.

It is an opportunity for children and young people to compete with their peers. Do you want to do the yourself. This is the case with you.

they are enormously important. Anything that the awareness increases for themselves, it boosts the self-confidence.

Here is a particularly important task of the parents to motivate their Kids and their progress to praise, than to set them with high expectations under pressure. In a climate of trust children can handle failures well.

The UBS Kids Cup is the most successful Junior-project of the Swiss sport. Over 155’000 children and young people from 7 to 15 years have measured in the last year in the 60-m Sprint, long jump and ball throw. Also this summer, the young athletes again. Of local precipitates on the cantonal finals to go to the Swiss Final on the 31. August at the Letzigrund in Zurich.

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