Last night in Paris 18 thousand doctors took to the declared trade Union demonstration to demand better working conditions and health financing. At the end of a peaceful demonstration on the Esplanade des Invalides suddenly broke out a little street war. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarkhanov.”We clapped every night, now it’s time to do something for us,” explains the young man in a white robe with the trade Union CGT sticker on the sleeve. I understand, he applauded. Physicians praised from all sides, the government promised them medals and awards, but they have bitter experience of the epidemic, demanding that the authorities allocated funds for the development of hospitals and ambulance services.The money that was allocated for this purpose, when the last three presidents has continuously decreased, requiring in the midst of an outbreak of fire measures to increase the number of beds in intensive care. And Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, the President and Emmanuel macron confessed that the country has met the virus not sufficiently prepared. The doctors say: “We threw to the front, without bothering about the materials, medicines, appliances, even the remedies”. On the white robe of a woman who goes before me, says: “the President Makron, you always can rely on us, but we have not.” The government promises to listen to the demands of physicians and 25 may launched a series of consultations, the results of which, however, nothing is heard. The Prime Minister promised an answer in July, but the doctors don’t want to wait, and unions have brought them to the protest. What the protesters want?”Hospitals do not have enough specialists 100 thousand, 200 thousand— in nursing homes. Our doctors are among those worst pay in Europe,” says Philippe Martinez, Chairman of one of the fighting an inter-Union associations General Confederation of labour (CGT). The unions are opposed to workers were forced to plug holes in the budget due to additional hours of work. Enough has already been done in the time of the battle the epidemic. If there is nobody to work, hire new people and thus fight unemployment, said Mr. Martinez.All over France it took 250 demonstrations. 7,500 people took to the streets in Toulouse, 6000 in Lyon, 5500 — Nantes, 4000 in Bordeaux.The most crowded was the demonstration in Paris, which brought together 18 thousand participants. Those who reached the end of the March, had to face the unpleasant surprise. On the Esplanade des Invalides, leading from the bridge of Alexander III, a demonstration in her last point was met by a close-knit group of thugs.Police said about three hundred people — in the video, they seem to be less. Unlike the protesters they were dressed in black and with black masks on their faces — uniform ultra-left militants of the Black bloc. The police, accompanied relaxed peaceful chestiyo, did not even have time to organize themselves for resistance. “Black” pelted police with stones, attacked by a pack torn down fighters, turned the car and used it as a barricade. The sign “disabled” in the car, they did not bother. “Bullies, cruel idiots,” complained to them night the air Franceinfo Patrick Pelloux, President of the French Association of emergency physicians. He tried to explain that the doctors not in forces was to deter the thugs who ruined their demonstration, and claimed that among the attackers there were people in white coats.That evening, however, found an exception. The demonstrators posted a video in which the police detain a woman in a white coat that beats in his hands: “This is my mother, 50 years old, a nurse, she worked three months for 12-14 hours. She was sick with davidom. Today she went outside, added to her salary, to recognize her work. She’s asthmatic. She was in a white robe. It meter 55 centimeters tall”.To demand the release of the arrested came to the police station of the trade Union functionaries and politicians from the left, “Rebellious France.” Mother, the woman and the nurse was released. And on the evening news show accidentally shot the operators BFM picture of how long and she recklessly throws stones and shows middle finger to the guards. Looking at these pictures, I remembered the demonstrators on the bench with sandwiches, beer and coffee. On the back of Toastmasters was written “Psychiatrists in anger”. But, maybe the square raged nutritionists?