In the autumn could Psoriasisforeningen proud to present jewelry designer Mai Manniche as an ambassador.

But the cooperation is now over, with immediate effect, as a result of the latter’s behavior during the current corona-crisis.

It informs Psoriasisforeningen in a press release in which it also reads that the decision has been taken after dialogue with Mai Manniche.

“It is the association’s clear policy, that we – in the highest degree in these times – must provide full support to our authorities, and loyally to follow the advice being given to restrict the spread of infection by the new corona-virus.”

“Why can’t we live with one of the association’s collaborators, Mai Manniche, spread stories, who tries to talk the crisis down. It is the association’s view, directly undermine the health care system, we are so dependent on. And as an association, we must of course relate to the messages and find that our attitudes can not meet,” saith the national chairman Sten Svensson.

Mai Manniche and her mother, the doctor Vibeke Manniche, the past week used their platforms on social media to give their opinions regarding the current corona-situation.

Neither of the two believe, that there is talk about an epidemic, and therefore, they believe that the government and the regulatory restrictions are hysterical and help to spread the anxiety.

To shut down the country down to the detriment of, among other companies are out of proportion, says among other things, on Mai Manniches Facebook profile, where she also urges people to look past her JEWLSCPH-shops. Something that has aroused the concern of the members, tells the national chairman Sten Svensson, B. T.

“We can see that Facebook is the many who are taking a distance from the positions, as she and her mother come with. We are in the association, even patients and chronic patients, and therefore we know how important it is that hospitals can work, and we take care of each other.”

“We have received many inquiries, and there are very many, that question, that we have ‘such a one’ as an ambassador,” says landsformanden and deepens the cooperation with Mai Manniche was different than the other ambassadørskaber, the association has.

the Collaboration came according to the Stones the Caveman out of the blue on the legs in the fall, when she invited the association to come and speak at an event. Ago used Psoriasisforeningen her to speak at an event, and suddenly they were recognised officially in a collaboration, explains the Stones Svensson.

Thus came to the Mai Manniches role as the spokesperson never in deeper processing of the chairmanship.

“I’d rather lay me down flat and say that there is something here, we did not have one hundred percent control,” says Stone Svensson and stresses that the error should not happen again. He also recalls that members of the Psoriasisforeningen follow the authorities ‘ recommendations.

“the Time is not the time to start questioning whether the authorities can their craft. It will create violent chaos, if we begin to suspect each other,” he says, and comes with an invitation to other patient organisations:

“I hope that other patients will stand up and say that we need to do what is being said.”

B. T. have been in contact with Mai Manniche, who could not comment on the break with Psoriasisforeningen, when she was out to go for a walk. She asked the B. T. turn on mail, but has not yet returned to this.