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Milan’s problems are in the club’s structure. It has been repeatedly sold to extremely doubtful owners. Disorder in the management and on the coaching bridge has led to the fact that once a great club became an ordinary average of the Italian championship.

It is worth noting that in the section 1xbet live https://1xbet.in/live/ you will always be able to find interesting confrontations, including with the participation of “Milan”. Periodically, good game glimpses happen in the “Rosso-Neri”, but it is clearly not enough to fight for places in the European Cup zone. The fans of the team understand this, and they can only count on a miraculous transformation.

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Certain positive trends in the course of the current season are still observed. For example, the newcomers Theo Hernandez and Ante Rebic managed to adapt well to the game, and Çalhanoğlu’s progress is also noticeable, as he finally demonstrates the football that fans have been expecting from him for so long. But is it enough to radically improve the situation in the standings? Do football bets online to make money thanks to your knowledge.

If we talk about the problems of “Milan”, we can highlight the following difficulties:

  1. Low overall level of players. Most of them are not suitable to fight for places in the Champions League zone.
  2. Bad realization of chances. The decrease of Piątek’s performance is an extra proof of that.
  3. Lack of a unified strategy for the development of the club.

All this leads to the fact that even an unconvincing season in the performance of direct competitors does not allow the “Rosso Neri” to count on getting into the euro zone. Football bets online is a good opportunity to predict how the club will end up with a championship.