MOSCOW, 3 may — RIA Novosti. Chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko said, what is unique about the Russian scenario of a pandemic coronavirus.

According to him, most countries have their own peculiarities of the disease development.

He pointed to the fact that among the important measures introduced in the capital, was to isolate, control at the entrance, makeshift hospitals, as well as careful observation. Protsenko suggested that the country received two-three weeks to “rebuild”.

the Doctor also noted that in respect of the coronavirus, all countries have a lack of vaccines, rapid diagnostics and targeted drug antiviral therapy, due which no one can predict the timing of the end of the epidemic.

the Pandemic of novel coronavirus infection has captured almost all countries of the world. According to who, in the world, the coronavirus has infected more than three million people, 230 thousand of them died.

In the first place the number of victims and cases of the United States, there is a regime of a major disaster. A list of the most susceptible to coronavirus States also include Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK.