Prototypes of the solar paintings of Alexander Laktionova did not wait for his letters from the front

Few people know that artist Alexander Laktionov depicted in the famous painting “letter from the front” real people. And it was created this masterpiece in the walls of the Trinity Sergius Lavra, gun niche which during the war was converted into a hostel.

A. Laktionov. A letter from the front. 1947. Photo: RIA Novostirussia Laura

during the war, Alexander Laktionov, together with the Leningrad Academy of arts was evacuated to Uzbekistan, then moved to Zagorsk (Sergiev Posad future).

Photo: from family archive 70 year old daughter read his father’s letter from the front,

the North wall of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in the 1930-ies was rebuilt. Arched openings were bricked, the corridor divided by partitions. It turned out a large communal apartment.

One of the rooms-cubbyholes and took the family of the artist.

the idea of the painting born suddenly. In the summer of 1943 to Alexander Ivanovich asked the soldier, seeking the house of his front-line friend, to send his family a letter. The artist immediately grabbed and worn, charred overcoat, and worn boots, and a triangle in the bandaged hand of a soldier. Vividly presented how the home will read a message from the front. And then a lot of times to read along with the neighbors.

Alexander Laktionov. Photo: Tassadar disabled

Wrote painting the artist in the postwar years. And – from nature. A seasoned veteran in the picture, which tar cigarette, is a 24-year-old paratrooper Vladimir Nifontov. He recalled how the inhabitants of the town of Zagorsk, Vladimir was the eagle – handsome, with a charming smile. Laktionov portrayed him in the painting of a disabled person with a stick. On theLe soldier was fortunate to return from war unharmed. He was a deeply religious man. And, as he believed that faith in God saved him from the bullets.

In the postwar years Nifontov taught in the local school # 7 physical education and drawing. The disciples remembered how erudite, comprehensively developed person. Often the students told how he fought together with Konstantin Yesenin – a poet’s son. Could the entire class to read poems Yesenin by heart, despite the fact that in the postwar years, they have never been printed. Being a religious man, regularly visited the Lavra. Was dressed, for lack of civilian clothing, in the usual coat and shirt.

Laura Laktionov and noticed the veteran. The one without hesitation agreed to pose for the artist.

Photo: from family archive Brusilovsky Artist all his life kept the unsent letter to the father-stalingrado

Worked on the movie Alexander Laktionov only in the morning when the sun was shining. Wrote the painting for about two years, during this time, the artist and the soldier got along pretty well. Their fate was largely similar. Vladimir lost mother, their brother and I were raised by a stepmother. Alexander’s mother died when he was very young, the father of the boy was not engaged, from the colony it saved the hobby of painting. On memoirs of old residents, in between work on the film they had many conversations. Vladimir was interested in art and theatre, very well painted.

Years later, Laktionov, already a renowned painter, tried to find a friend. But it turned out that Vladimir Nifontov was tragically killed on Kostroma land, where she moved, having married, in the 60-ies. In the summer, with students coming in from the field the sponsored farm. Rode in a cart, seated on top of the haystack. Meet in the power raced a car full of sticking in all parties felled trees. One of them, Vladimir dropped to the ground.

the Painting “letter from the front” in the exposition of the Sergiev Posad Museum-reserve Photo: courtesy museumnetwork with headband

the red-haired girl with a red bandage “air defense” on the hand – Olga Bystrova. Together with her mother, grandmother and brother, she lived in the neighboring Laktionova room. In 1941, Bystrov had to leave his native village in the Smolensk region. From the advancing Nazis fled, in what was. First appeared in the Ryazan region, where they lived at strange angles. And then the uncle who came back shell-shocked to Zagorsk from the war, called them to him. Mom was hired as a groom, gave room. The stories of Olga, a communal living together. Who opened on the outskirts of the gardens, who kept flocks of goats shared and vegetables and milk.

Photo: Rodina ion Degen: in the Evening I taught the driver how to properly dance pagespan…

And in rare hours of rest, the artist’s wife, Olga, too, took out from the wardrobe a beautiful dress, which was brought from Leningrad, and dressed namesake to the dance. Olga loved a cheerful disposition. Remember, as of may 9, 1945 it is with the accordion walked the streets with songs until numb fingers and sat down voice. But even in a whisper he continued to sing to passers-by.

When Olga Bystrova posed for the artist, she was 19 years old. From the front she did not wait for the father or older brother. Years later I found out that my brother went to the partisans and hit a mine. Where he laid his head father, never learned. Both do not come a single word.

letters from the front she waited only for the painting of the artist.

After Laktionova moved to Moscow, Olga and family almost two decades lived in a “wallquot;. She worked as a bookkeeper, cashier, collector. Gave birth to a daughter, fathered with her husband, the boy’s Fame. He was widowed, lived in close quarters, but the vitality is not lost. Led weddings, anniversaries organized, wrote poetry, sang naughty limericks. And never boasted that he posed for the famous artist.

Artist A. Laktionov in the open air. 1955. Photo: RIA Novostiall and girl

the Boy reading a letter from the front Laktionov Alexander wrote with his son Seryozha, a girl with Rita Lobanov, who lived in the neighborhood. In the beginning of the war her family from Smolensk evacuated to Kuibyshev. Father went to the front and missing near Rzhev. Also, as Bystrova, wandered for a long time until I got news from my aunt from Zagorsk; and it strongly called to him.

Full Cavaliers of St. George’s cross became heroes of the Soviet Union

Well, an elderly woman in the picture – Ruthin grandmother. She was already 57, still pose “to” bake “in the sun”, it was not easy. Not to tired feet, she’d put on old Slippers. And at every opportunity tried to escape into the garden.

After the war, Margarita Lobanova graduated from the Institute of chemical technology, worked as a technologist. Once in the magazine “Ogonyok” printed a full page picture of the “letter from the front”. Margaret had carved a reproduction. Taken in a frame, it hung in her apartment. When Laktionov received a picture of the Stalin prize 1 St degree, part of it he gave to the restoration of the national economy. And Rita gave a big doll in a pink dress. No one in the County there was a…


When the artist “caught the sun” and had no time to smoke, my 12-year-old brother Roofing lit a cigarette and blew the smoke in Andleksandra Ivanovich.

Margarita Lobanova