“If the Situation is so bad, can be ruled out no Option,” said Lam on Tuesday at a press conference on the question of a journalist, at what point do you ask the Chinese government for help.

Hong Kong wants to solve Problem by yourself

Lam made but it clear on several occasions that you go out that Hong Kong government could handle the situation alone. To have “this time, I still have the strong feeling that we will find the solutions themselves,” said Lam. This was also the Position of the Chinese Central government.

How many Chinese soldiers are stationed in Hong Kong?

More than 10 000 soldiers of the people’s liberation army are stationed since the return of the British colony to China in 1997, Hong Kong. According to unconfirmed Reports, the troops should have been increased strength in the face of the protests under the pretext of a Rotation on the sly. Also to be stationed on the border special forces. In accordance with the applicable law of the Hong Kong government could ask the Central government in Beijing for military aid, when she comes up with the protests is clear.

New escalations to the goddamn mask to ban

The surprise imposition of a goddamn mask ban in a reliance on a colonial state of emergency on Friday, the tensions in the Chinese special administrative region at the weekend and on Monday once again tightened.

The seven million Hong Kong under China’s sovereignty, enjoy, but, unlike the people of the Communist people’s Republic of – more rights, such as freedom of expression and freedom of Assembly, to which they now fear. (SDA)

mass protests in Hong Kong

For weeks, the protests in Hong Kong drag. Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators, among other things, airports, subway and marching to block the streets. The police are resorting to brutal means to stop them. VIEW keeps you in the news Ticker to date.