Also in other cities of the country, people took to the street.

It’s the ninth Friday, is already in a row, the Algerians demonstrate against their leaders. What began as a Protest against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has now become a Demonstration against the whole of the Algerian elite. According to media reports, it came in Oran, Constantine and Annaba to the protests. The are to Algiers in the most important cities in the country.

The demonstrators demanded the resignation of interim President Abdelkader Bensalah and a fundamental change in the existing political system. Security forces tried in Algiers, to curb the power of the protesters, with roadblocks.

The protesters see in the 77-year-old Bensalah, a companion of the same, as well as other top politicians, representatives of the old regime.

since 20 years, President Bouteflika had omitted to violent protests in March to a candidacy for a fifth term, the choice at the same time, but indefinitely postponed. Finally, 82 of the bent-Year-old, but the persistent pressure from the street and resigned his office.

On 4. July will now be a new President elected. Many of the protesters, however, doubt that under the current government, in fact, free and democratic elections.