A man in black clothes, who was breaking the curb stones next to a protest march in Washington, has been apprehended by the protesters and handed over to riot police, footage of the incident showed.

The moment of what can be called a citizen’s arrest of an agent provocateur was filmed during an anti-police brutality rally in the US capital. 

???Protestors in DC handed the white dude who was about to provocate the protest to the police. He has been arrested and taken away.

The video, filmed by a correspondent of the Turkish news agency Anadolu, shows a man in a black hoodie and sunglasses smashing sidewalk curb with a hammer. The resulting stones would have made for handy projectiles to throw, but whether the man intended to use them as such remains unclear since several protesters pounced on him.

As people shout: “It’s white people, get the white people”, the man is quickly apprehended and dragged to police officers in riot gear standing nearby. His hood gets dropped, revealing him to be a grey haired white male.

The identity of the alleged provocateur was not immediately identified, though some commenters speculated he could have been an Antifa member. The radical left-wing movement was blamed by Donald Trump for a spree of violence accompanying nationwide protests against police brutality in the US. The President even threatened to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. Whoever the man was, the police arrested him, according to the video.

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