The Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz spoke about the consequences for Americans protesting over the death of an African American during the arrest a police officer. It is reported by CNN.

He said the increased risk of the spread of coronavirus. “I am deeply concerned that the situation is spreading very fast. We expect a sharp jump COVID-19,” warned Walz.

Minnesota Governor also scared of rioters to jail. According to him, in the prison enough places to take all those detained during the protests.

Earlier it was reported that U.S. police have used tear gas and rubber bullets after the rioters began to throw law enforcement, bottles of water, and then came close to the cordon.

Dozens of U.S. cities covered protests accompanied by riots, which began after the death in Minneapolis of a black guard to George Floyd, who died after a rough arrest. The US government said that any clashes with the police or threats to law enforcement are regarded as akaty of domestic terrorism. During these clashes, gunshot wounds were got by two police officers, one of whom died.