Protégé Merkel can replace the man with wall street and married gay

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

Germany is literally one step away from a deep political crisis. The Chairman of the party Christian democratic Union (CDU) Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer, which was promised the post of Chancellor after parliamentary elections in 2021, announced that to run for the chancellors will not and once you’ve found the successor, will leave the post of the head of the CDU. A bolt from the blue, because Angela Merkel did all that with the successor to determine.

the resignation crump of Karrenbauer brought another scandal, in Thuringia. The Parliament elected the Prime Minister of this Federal land. He was chosen leader of the tiny Free democratic party Thomas Kemmerich. He stayed at his post just 24 hours and resigned. And because Chancellor Merkel decided to intervene in local elections, expressed the results of the vote of the discontent. But the fact that Kemmerich became Prime Minister with the votes of the non-system party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH). Oh, the horror!

But the real horror for Merkel and the German elite in the other. In Europe in many countries, be it Italy, France or Spain the old party system is in crisis, so at a loss and the old elite. The same is true in Germany.

Their traditional party “blow” so that in any configuration cannot form a government — albeit regional — without those who collectively hate, without those you call “fascists”.

of Course, the ADG are not fascists. But the leader of the ADG in Thuringia, björn Hecke urges Germans to stop from morning till evening to repent for the outbreak of the Second world war, and the monuments to the victims of the Holocaust said that they do not need, as the Germans call a sense of shame.

Author: Mikhail Antonov

the News of his resignation Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer (abbreviated Akaka) unleashed on the leadership of the party on February 10. After this message (someone made the time) for 45 seconds — nthe emae scene. Merkel was late. When the Chancellor arrived, crump of Karrenbauer went with her into the hallway and announced his decision with an eye on the eye so that reaction to detect Merkel was none. But they say was an unpleasant surprise. Then there was a press conference. The essence said I could not.

For the German press is hardly a surprise. Talk about the fact that the mini-Merkel, as it was called Akaka is a politician, Yes, maybe regional, not Federal level, started a month or two after her election to the post of leader of the party, which automatically makes her a Chancellor candidate.

In July last year, the Chancellor tried to fill my successor some content, appointing to the post of defense Minister, but it did not help. Crump, Karrenbauer strongly enough brightness to Shine in the shadow of Merkel. And a private party could sincerely perceive it as a separate figure, and in the best case, as the crown Princess when the all-powerful Regent. Finally, the emptiness of this figure revealed Thuringia. The heart of Germany, as they call this land on 5 February failed.

After the fall elections in Thuringia, where the leaders were the antipodes — Communists of the left party and the radical nationalists and the eurosceptics of the “Alternative for Germany” — the land, the Parliament could not form a government. The coalition was formed. Someone even drew an analogy with stalemate after the elections in the Weimar Republic in 1933, which was resolved by the coming to power of the NSDAP. And here two weeks ago, another secret ballot has ended with sensation — the Prime Minister of Thuringia, was elected as the liberal Thomas kemmerich is the representative of the Party of free Democrats barely overcame the five-percent barrier.

voted For their own, Christian Democrats Merkel (i.e. crump-Karrenbauer) and, as it turned out, the entire faction of the “Alternative for Germany”. The German party establishment refuses to accept and analyze the reasonss her growing popularity, especially just to the East of the country: they are the Nazis, they were not anything to talk about. This is one of the leaders of “Alternative” and the head of its branch in Thuringia — Bjorn Hecke — generally considered to be the living embodiment of Hitler and Goebbels rolled into one. Cooperation is impossible. And suddenly — such a number.

Elected Prime Minister kemmerich tried to present the incident as a provocation by “Alternatives”. His wife literally spat. Children go to school under police escort. And all because the post he accepted and resigned only after 24 hours. Suspicions of collusion with the ADH to an even greater extent relate to the local branch of the HDZ, and that was enough to Akaka took the urgent decision. The last thing she can do is to appoint and to hold, preferably before the summer Congress, where transmit power in the party and related prospects. There are people who really want to take things into their own hands and who do not really want, but may be forced.

the first group consists of Friedrich Merz and Jens span. Merz — in the past investment banker, hope business is more than average. The man from wall street. Critic Merkel, who will not allow her to see out in the chair until the fall of 2021. Lost the Republican primary crump of Karrenbauer, sat down in the trench, where began to bombard the Chancellor and her protégée. Now I looked out and ready to attack.

span also wants. The Minister of health. People with a claim to leadership. Hopes will fledge at the youth wing of the CDU, but it is not very populated. Not married, but married. This may be too much for the conservative party.

Another candidate for Prime Minister of the largest Federal land Northern Rhine — Westphalia, Armin Lachet. Practices the person is very authoritative and sober. Have something to lose. Dusseldorf is better in the hands than Berlin in the sky. It is this consideration and prevent him to decide, although his chances to lead the party is very high.

Finally, theoretically, there is Merkel herself, who announced his intention to leave politics after the Federal election. Through his press Secretary, the Chancellor reported that in its plans, nothing has changed. Yet.

the Situation may change, but the effect of recovery Merkel as leader of the CDU more likely to have a negative impact on the image of the party leadership loses influence not only the mood of the electorate, but on its own lower levels, as shown Thuringia. Partners in the Federal government, ten years ago, a powerful people’s party social Democrats, completely demoralized and forced to fight for survival because over the years of working together Merkel drank his blood. And a prominent social Democrat, former Vice-Chancellor Gabriel is not without a certain Schadenfreude predicts the same fate and the CDU. And the most unpleasant: no one knows how to stop it. The process of disintegration of the moderate centrist core, the redistribution of power in favor of radical forces, irreversible.

Elections in Thuringia just showed what it could do: with paralysis. And to overcome it you two are not very good ways: either Germany will become the norm a minority government with a lifespan of cats on the highway, or have to spit on the principles and to cooperate with left-wing or right-wing radicals. History knows cases when such cooperation ended the absolute power of the radicals.

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